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ECoin invites business owners from around the world to be part of this community. And accept the future technology of their business which will be the best cryptocurrency in the world. To know first what eCoin Trading Platform is and how it works; its advantages, its objectives and the reasons for its selection. Through a simple explanation of what eCoin is and how it works.


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What is eCoin Trading Platform?

eCoin is a large blockchain project. And it is planned to acquire a way to make future financial transactions better for HR industries, manufacturing, recruitment, finance … etc. In a manner similar to that achieved by the evolution of bitcoin.

The platform has been created for businesses and users. Where all companies can deal directly with other companies or with users. By eliminating the intermediary channel and its cost by providing an eCoin Trading Platform.

ECoin Trading Platform will reduce costs and create a safe and fast transaction environment. By allowing companies to deal directly with one another. And will create a B2B and B2C environment through NandaLand transactions using it cryptocurrency.

Advantages of eCoin Trading Platform

  • Transparency

Decentralized transactions and levels ensure multi-transparency security and openness to all levels of business.

  • Ease of use

ECoin design is very simple and easy to use. Does not require more than one click to buy / sell / send transactions quickly.

  • Stability

ECoin will be issued with a stable value. This is to protect users against the fluctuation of the encoded currency market. Which will ensure a stable price.

  • The next financial system

As eCoin is an advanced Bloxin project. The underlying transactions do not call any intermediary bank such as conventional transactions. But will be handled between two users directly reducing both cost and speed.

  • Protection against inflation

The eCoin codes will be linked to the average business transaction fee supported by companies. Which has a large and stable growth with very slight fluctuation.

  • Multi-currency transactions

ECoin will maintain price stability and stability. Allowing users to perform multi-currency transactions such as the dollar and the euro.

  • ECoin credit card

Ecoin codes will be accessible at any time via the eCoin credit card. The card will be usable for any transactions after it is published.

  • Wallet security

ECoin is developed with a POS algorithm. Which is safer compared to the POW algorithm.

eCoin Trading Platform-2

eCoin Trading Platform goal

ECoin is committed to improving the state of the traditional financial system. By bringing the alternative.

This alternative is a new generation of time-based currencies. Using the latest developments in pluchen technology.

Despite the high interest in distributed notebook technology. There are currently very few applications of the plocin that are ready to adopt the prevailing market.

ECoin has been designed by a group of professionals with more than 120 years of combined experience. In consultation with experts who can establish a program to benefit from the technology of plucin. So as to solve business problems in the real world.

eCoin Trading Platform Basic Goal

ECoin aims primarily to provide the best system in key occupations. Providing a different way for people to find work and receive rewards for their work. Within a decentralized framework and without the involvement of traditional financial institutions.

  • Factories
  • E-Commerce
  • Service companies
  • Maintenance companies
  • Storage
  • Professionals
  • Building
  • Education
  • Retail Market
  • Sports companies

Reasons to choose eCoin

  • The speed

Most orders will be completed within 1 to 15 minutes. Depending on how quickly the operations are handled by the network.

  • Payment fees

Will always offer the lowest fees available and the range. between 0.1% to 0.3% depending on market conditions.

  • Charter

It is powerful and easy to use giving you everything you need 24/7 to instantly exchange encrypted currency.

  • High liquidity

Liquidity Committee and competitive deals. It is designed for high volume exchanges.

  • Security

Protection against complex DDoS attacks. SSL security with full data encryption. Best possible practices.

  • Anonymous

No account or personal information is required to complete an exchange. Client data is never stored. Applications are registered 7 days for support purposes.

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