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4 bad habits in building backlinks you must avoided

Many of us know that backlinks were and still are the engine that drives us to the front pages of searches. Many changes have been made to the ways of calculating backlinks. It is making the process of building backlinks in proper ways a bit daunting. The methods we are used to may be one of the things that kill our sites. Because they have become useless and open or they rely on methods prohibited by search engines.

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The importance of backlinks

The idea behind the backlinks is to impress a visitor with your site’s topics and then point them to his blog or personal site. This indicates the quality of your content and hence the importance of background links. We must follow the same thinking in the process of building backlinks to our sites and thinking logically in all steps to build links.

How many times have I seen a back link accessible and I told myself. “I will do this link only it is not detrimental to my site,” or “competitors do so what harm do I do too”? If your answer is more than one, I advise you to complete reading this article.

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These days, to build backlinks that need something more than just a link. You will need to know the value of the link and where the link is mentioned. The content surrounding the link as well as the site that contains the link and its credibility. Yes, this process has become very complex.

For marketers, this means taking more time to find sites of high value. Take the time to find the right people. Most importantly, give up those bad habits we have accumulated over the years.

bad habits avoided in building backlinks

Registration in Web Directories for building backlinks

Let me start by not having all bad site directories. Over the past period I have made some credible website directories and noted that they are important as opposed to expected. To get the most out of you always go to the section associated with the site and do not add your site in a section that is disproportionate to your site address.

Search engines do not need these directories now. Sites that have a large number of links have been penalized.

The important question here is when should you register your site in the Business Locations Directory? Must be recorded when you are sure that customers are using it.

Outreach Emails for building backlinks

These methods are the worst and most experience has recorded a failure in dealing with potential customers.

Example of one of the types of e-mail mentioned


Privacy has become difficult. And with the presence of blogs and social media and search engines that help to search for information on access to as many as possible and easy.

When you consider sending a public mail, take your time thinking about who exactly you want to send mail to. Before you think about sending any mail, you should know these things:

  • Who is the site owner?
  • What do you care about?
  • What is the preferred way to connect to them?

The most important thing is to be sure that the person wants to communicate with him.

Smart ways to communicate with the public mailing list you can take advantage of in your next campaign:

PageRank  for building backlinks

If you do not know much about pagerank. it is a factor used by Google to define the value of a page. As people interested in building links. Our goal is to find high-value pages. Most of the background link building services still rely on the pagerank to determine the importance of the site and the price of the link to it. Even though the last pagerank update was about a year ago.

Focus on the site against the Page Rank in general. And here are some questions that will help you evaluate the website.

  • Does the site have a good reputation?
  • Does the writer have a good reputation?
  • Do the sites have good background links?
  • Do the sites have a positive presence on the Internet?
  • Is the content on the site exclusive?
  • Is the content on that site written in proper language?

Keywords with anchor text selected

The original goal of using a key word anchor was to tell people and search engines what they could find on those pages. As search engines are becoming smarter than before. I highly recommend you read this article Which is about the importance of keywords as a Google ranking factor.

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