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Get started with , a famous cryptocurrency mining pool

Get started with MinerGate is one of many known miner pools web sites. The mining pool is the process of resources pooling by miners. The miners share their processing power through a network. They do this to split the reward equally, according to the amount of work they contributed to the probability of finding a block. Mining cryptocurrencies can be not easy. Also, there are many companies that make cryptocurrency mining suitable for the average user. Furthermore downloading software is available to bring many of “small-time” miners together to combine their resources. These people are known as miner pools. Here we are talking about MinerGate.


MinerGate definition is a popular mining pool in cryptocurrency mining pools. Also many people can use their computers to add hashing power to that of thousands of other miners. The user interface can be downloadable. and allow people to start mining as quick as possible. They can mining Bitcoin, Ethereuem, and many other altcoins. It helps to break down the usual complexities in mining.


The steps to sign up on MinerGate 

1- Click on sign- up. After that you will see a page you have to fill it. This page contains E-mail, Password, Repeat password. Click on I’m not a robot, and click on Sign-up & start mining


2- Download the software, and the website should detect your operating system.

The software
The software

3- Install and open MinerGate on your operating system.

4- Use the Benchmark feature. This feature will make MinerGate analyze your hardware. Also let you know what you can achieve.

The Benchmark feature
The Benchmark feature

5- Start mining by clicking on smart mining or select a cryptocurrency manually.

Mining start
Mining start


Start Smart Mining
Start Smart Mining benefits

  • It let anyone to grab the program and run it on the computer. Also the nonprofessional miners can use a normal PC or laptop. They can run the application in smartphone if they’re want that. A phone is nearly pointless concerning hashing power.
  • Its usage is simple, and quick. There are algorithms that are complex running in the background. After a few clicks, it exploits the maximum capability out of your hardware. Also it is based on how much you want to dedicate. You will not be in need to be in any of this with a program like MinerGate. Only let it do the hard work while you are away the day on low-processing tasks.
  • The MinerGate team will reward you. Also this reward depends on how much input you are committing. If you want to boost your passive income. You can make your computer work while you aren’t using the hardware.
  • It  can work from both the CPU and GPU to mine multiple cryptos for maximum profit.


The features concerning

1- Having Block Explorer (Litecoin, Bytecoin, Monero, Fantomcoin,and others)

2- Containing two Factor Authentication.

3- Having direct transfers to exchange.

4- The Network Fee can be set manually.

5- The Affiliate Program is up to 0.75% from the referrer’s profit.

6- Having a mining profitability calculator (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and CryptoNote based currencies).

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7- Having 24/7 support.


Task Manager
Task Manager

Smart Mining Activation
Smart Mining Activation Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program is a section in it. Furthermore, The Affiliate Program provides you with an opportunity to get a profit from invited users. To use the Affiliate program you should register on the website. Also, you should register on its Affiliate Program page. After that, you will get a unique affiliate link. This affiliate link is for registering new users. Copy the link, and give it to friends. For every user registered after visiting from your affiliate link, you will be awarded. The reward is a certain percentage of mined funds. Also, it will pay these rewards from its own income. The Profit is transferred to the balance daily.

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