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what is a sitemap for a website

A Sitemaps 

Sitemaps used by webmasters. it is an easy way for them to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling.

The simplest form of a Sitemap is an XML file.

You should be more intelligently crawl the site by the search engine because An XML file lists URLs for a site along with metadata about each URL.

pages discovered by Web crawlers. it is from links within the site and from other sites.

In most times, Web crawlers discover pages from links. These links may be within the site or other sites.

It supplements this data to learn about those URLs using the associated metadata and allow crawlers that support to pick up all URLs in the Sitemap.

Using the Sitemap protocol provides hints for web crawlers to do a better job of crawling your site but it does not guarantee that web pages are included in search engines.

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Types of Sitemaps

It may be addressed to users or software.

sitemaps are present a systematic view, of the site. because Many sites have user-visible sitemaps.

These help visitors find specific pages and crawlers can also using that.

sitemaps are a different approach because it organizes Alphabetically.

there is a structured format for use by search engines and other crawlers so the XML Sitemap is listing the pages in a site, how often they are updated and their relative importance.

The robots.txt or sitemap.xml is the structured format because it is particularly important for web sites which include pages that are not accessible through links from other pages.

This occurs in only two cases by dynamic construction of URLs in Adobe Flash, Javascript or through the site’s search tools.

The Benefits of Sitemap

a sitemap is a benefit for your site because search engines treat sites like index the pages listed and invitation to crawl it.

because the primary focus is to HTML sitemaps type. We will also focus on the benefits of this type.

HTML sitemaps have existed solely to ensure the URLs listed on a site. search engine crawlers discover and indexed it.

Benefits of An XML sitemap to your website

1- It can help web crawlers for prioritizing your pages correctly.

2- It can help search engine crawlers to find and index new URLs on your site.

3- It can help boost and set your SEO.

4- It can help search engine crawlers to understand your site content in a better way.

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