PayPal Digital Gift

The way to buy and sed a digital gift from PayPal, With PayPal Digital Gift, from a wide range of top brands, you can buy and send gift cards to friends and family. iTunes, Lowes, Pizza Dominos, Best Buy and more.

It sells through both the PayPal US website,  store on eBay US or Facebook Marketplace store.

PayPal Digital Gift

If you choose to purchase from us via Facebook or eBay, You’re going to need a US eBay or Facebook account.

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Please note that the Facebook Marketplace store does not currently support the sending of gift cards to friends and family. it supports only self-purchase orders. Follow the following steps to purchase and send a PayPal of digital gift card :

1- Visit the PayPal store where you can see it sells.

2- Choose the gift card you want to buy and the value that is loading on it.

Note that if you buy it from someone else, you will ask to enter the recipient’s email address, your name, and also a short message with your gift.

3- Then you can log in to finish your purchase.

The time period to receive your digital gift card.

PayPal will process your order and send a link to your gift card to you or your recipient.

It will usually be sent in a few hours, but it can take up to 24 hours.

If you or your recipient have not received after 24 hours,

you must check the spam folder for your email.

Remember that self – acquisitions made via eBay will send to your eBay email account, not your PayPal registered email account.

Above all, If you can’t find yet, Contact the support team their own.

Is there purchase of multiple gift cards in one PayPal transaction?

It can only do via the US website of PayPal or the US PayPal store of eBay.

On the Facebook marketplace the store, They only support the purchase of a single gift card at the moment, Although multiple purchases can be made. Note that the amount and number of gift cards you can buy may be subject to limitations.

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