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Submit your website to DMoz

If you want to know the way to submit your website to DMoz, That’s in this article we will tell you what you  have got to do step by step.

Submit your website to DMoz

Firstly, their guidelines need to be checked. At least you should have a healthy SEO architecture on your website, with meta description, meta tags and keywords with the verification of Alexa, Bing and Google and the Google Analytics code implemented on the site.
loading of your website has to be decently.

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Submit your website to DMoz

to know how let’s watch this video


1. you have to be sure whether your site qualifies or not.

after be sure about your site is qualifies.

you will be ready to begin the submission process and you also have to examine if your website is already listed or not.

because It makes no sense to send a request and wait for an answer

If the site in the directory is already active.

2-After the above two steps have been completed, begin on the homepage of DMOZ. Navigate to your website’s most relevant category. There are very large numbers of categories so don’t choose an overall option or category one that looks fine because you might not be selected in a directory with these easy mistakes. If an editor doesn’t like the category that you want for some reason, during the review process the editor may move it to a more suitable category.

3- After you have selected the category page for your company best, Click the icon “Suggest URL” button which on the top right corner on the page.

4- then carefully, Follow the instructions which be in this page to complete your submission. After that, it is necessary that you complete your domain information to the fullest extent possible. The more information you may need to add, Going into this prestigious directory is the better your chances.

Review the category

5- Review the category of the site to ensure that you agree. If you’ve got any questions, you can go back a couple of pages and very easily choose another category.

6- Enter the URL of the website.

7- Enter the website title.

8- Enter the description of the site.

9- Enter the address of your email.

10- Enter the text to prove that you filled in this application manually.

11- At the bottom of the application, click the “Submit” icon. After reading the Agreement on Submission. A confirmation page for submission will appear.

12- Close the page. The move to your next tactic of marketing.

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