How to create Jumia affiliate account step by step ?

Jumia affiliate is one of the best and modern way to profit by affiliate marketing these days, so it good step to create an account on it.

A lot of people interests to start with Jumia affiliate, so we choose it to talk about How to create Jumia affiliate account by simple steps as following:

Create Jumia affiliate account

1 – Enter the official site of Jumia

2- Click “Become an affiliate”

which refers to it by the arrow as the following picture:

3- Complete the data to start Jumia affiliate

shown in the following image.
Referred to in figures as follows:

1- Enter your first name.

2- Enter your last name.

3- Enter your E-mail.

4- Enter Your Phone number.

5- Choose the country where you live by click,

by clicking on the arrow which is in the circle that in the picture, to show a list of the countries of the world, then choose your town from them.

6- Enter Your official website.

7- Finally, Indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the site Jomia,

click on the square behind it, then after the end of all of this, click on Register.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you fill your data correctly so that it does not fall into any obstacle, and so you can start marketing the commission successfully.

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4- Go to your mail Inbox

Because you will then move to another page containing the message specified in the rectangle as the following image:

When you see the message shown to you in the previous image.
You must go directly to your email,

Then You’ll definitely find a message sent from Jumia in your inbox,

Open it and click on the link to activate your account and continue the steps to create the account.

5- Put the Password

The link you clicked goes you inside your sent message to the page that appears in the following image to put your password.

Enter the password in the first rectangle.

Then, retype it again in the second rectangle which below the first rectangle.

Then click Submit.

6- Enter Email & Password to Sign in

Simply, Enter the e-mail in the first rectangle, then the password in the rectangle below it, and click on Sign In which arrow refers to in the following image.

7- You will be successfully logged into the account and now start with Jumia affiliate

You have this completed all the steps to create an account on Jumia website
Now you are able to start affiliate marketing with Jumia, and you can also get profit from it now.

Source: Technology Review

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