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Contact Form 7 for WordPress – Here’s all about

One of the most common contact form 7 and the oldest contact form WordPress plugins.

Advantages of Contact Form 7

With more than five million active installs, Contact Form 7 is obviously a favourite plugin for WordPress and it is a tool which works as establish a website.

Let’s look at some of the finest characteristics.

1- It is free, best of all
2- Create and handle several types of contact
3- Fields can be easily customized
4- To change the content of emails, use easy markup
5- The plugin promotes spam filtering for Akismet, submission by Ajax and CAPTCHA.
6- By Shortcode you can enter forms to any posts or pages.
7- Many extensions to third parties to add extra features.

Steps to install Contact Form 7

Installing the plug-in on your WordPress website is the first step to establishing contact form 7.
For this from the menu, in your dashboard WordPress, Choose Plugins, then click Add Plugin.

Contact Form 7

Then, enter in the search function Contact Form 7.
When the plugin Contact Form 7 appears.
Click on Install then choose Activate.

Contact Form 7

When it is turned on, in the fresh Contact region of your WordPress dashboard you can discover the features of the plugin.

Steps to set up 

Click the Contact button.
Then choose Contact Forms.
Here you will see the main management panel where several contact forms can be managed.
The default contact form, the Contact Form 7 labelled Contact Form 1, is also available.

Contact Form 7Contact Form 1 includes the areas that may require a fundamental contact form.

You can insert this form into any page, prepared to use, and if you want to publish your website whether you want.

Alternatively, by choosing Contact then add new, you can generate your own contact form.

Develop a new contact form

Enter a name for your fresh contact form, Scroll to form.

The new form template can be edited here.

Your template describes the different areas on your form and also the labels next to these.

Contact Form 7To add a label to your sector, from the other fields you can copy the HTML accompanying the form tag.

For instance, if the URL button pressed, the form tag [ URL-935 ] was pre-generating in the contact form 7.

The additional HTML for the label was introducing because the last field of URL reads as follows:

<label> Your Website URL
[url url-935] </label>

You can add as many additional categories as you need for the contact form on your site.

When you have finished, remember to click Save on the bottom of the page.


Any additional fields you add in your contact form do not automatically appear in the environments of the email notification template.

Therefore, once the form has been completed, Change to Mail, Register.

Contact Form 7This is your email template when you send a contact form.
On this category, Check the right email address, as this is

where any contact form correspondence will send because the email connected to the website will add by default.

Scroll down to section Message Body, and add additional form tags for your form that you created.

When you obtain an email via your contact form, this ensures that all the data you requested the sender to share will be displayed.

To add an email template field, Copy from your model via the form field.

You can add regular text to your fields too.
In the following image, you can see how this was done:


Once your mail settings have been completed, remember to press Save.

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