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The drop in the Bitcoin price causes panic In the cryptoCurrency market

After Bitcoin surged aggressively this year and crossed the $ 19,000 barrier a few days ago. The world was surprised by the collapse of Bitcoin price below $ 13 thousand, thus losing about 20% of its value. this article on our site E-helper team.

The drop in the Bitcoin price

It is worth mentioning, the price of a number of cryptocurrency fell Monday, including the currency of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litcoin, as well as the collapse of prices of a number of other cryptocurrency.

Reactions of the low price of Bitcoin

The volatility of prices is a major crisis for investors, and the fall in the prices of digital currencies is not reassuring and alarming in the cryptocurrency market.

How many times has Bitcoin price collapsed?

That this collapse was neither the first nor the worst in the cryptocurrency history. It was the worst in 2011 and in 2013 and the collapse of April 2014. When the currency of the Bitcoin put forward for the first time in 2009 was almost nothing in the market. It was sold in March 2010 at a price of $ 50 for 10 thousand Bitcoin, meaning that the value was equivalent to $ 0.003. The currency began to gain confidence little by little, and by May 2010 Bitcoin price was less than $ 0.1, and then jumped to $ 0.8 in July 2010.

February 2011 is an unforgettable month in the history of the currency of the Bitcoin price. Where it finally managed to attain the value of the dollar and the currency of the Betquin equaled one dollar. Then quickly jumped to 31 dollars in July of the same year.

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December 2011 | First collapse in the Bitcoin price from 31 to 2 dollars

But within a few months, specifically in December 2011, the first collapse of the currency of the Bitcoin currency took place, dropping from $ 31 in July to $ 2 in December.
The year following this major collapse saw slow progress of the currency, which reached a year after reaching $ 13. Then it got a very fast rise of 5-10% in the first months of 2013 and its price in April reached $ 266.

Second collapse: worth less than half

The following month, the second collapse in the history of the currency by almost 50%, the price dropped in May 2013 to 130 dollars, and continued to decline until June 2013 to reach $ 100.
In October 2013, the currency began to recover again to reach $ 150 and continued to rise to $ 1242 in November 2013 and then came the third collapse of the currency. Which fell to $ 600 in December and the end of the month reached $ 1,000.

The value of Bitcoin 2009-2014

The currency recovered again in June 2014 and continued to rise until April 2014. Where it dropped to $ 530 after a series of arrests around the world for its clients. Then rose again in May 2014 and amounted to 440 dollars at the beginning and then increased the price of 30% at the end and amounted to 630 dollars, but the price fell again in March 2015 to 200 and 300 dollars.

Bitcoin Price Statement

Up and Down in the Bitcoin price

Over the next few months, the currency rose in June 2016 to $ 750 but its price fell to $ 630 in September and recovered over the months of October and November and reached $ 1,150 in January 2017. Then it fell in the following days to 920, February and March to 1290 dollars and decreased slightly in April and then began to rise aggressively during the following months, exceeding the barrier of 19 thousand dollars a few days ago, until the sudden collapse on Friday, to less than 13 thousand dollars.

The Bitcoin future and its Price Prediction 2021

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