WordPress VS Tumblr – which is better?

WordPress VS Tumblr – Let’s learn more about them in this article.

WordPress service allows you to sign up and run a free blog hosted on.

This is a platform you’ll have a full-featured dashboard with the ability to publish posts pages.

and use the rest of the features behind the scenes including selecting your theme which will adjust the look and feel of your new blog.

To publish your first post you’ll hover over posts on the left.

and then click on add new here you’d enter in your post title the content and then use the editor to style and make changes before publishing.

On Tumblr you’ll sign up on this page and then have access to a more simple dashboard that will give you a handful of different options like posting a blog post photos a quote link and more.

you can also play around with customizing your blog with a different theme and layout as well as search around and follow other blogs that are hosted on the Tumblr platform.

To publish your first post you’d click on the text and then use the editor to add a title your content style your content and then click on the blue post button to publish it.

WordPress VS Tumblr

WordPress.com is the free version pros it’s great blogging software and has tons of functionality it has the most options for the design you could turn it into a full-fledged website very easily and it’s easy to use cons.

and not use plugins which means you cannot monetize it with that you’re stuck with many of the default features.

and but it has its own ad system to make up for this also you can’t embed videos.

WordPress.org is paid but it can double as a fully functional website has full plugins.

you can monetize it to whatever you want fairly easy to work with limited to no web design knowledge.

but the cons are you have to pay for its cost depends on who you’re buying it from has a slightly higher learning curve.

you’re more likely to get have some problems with it but overall it’s easy to use.

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The included features in WordPress and Tumblr

WordPress and Tumblr
features in WordPress and Tumblr

What you’re offered with a different platform or even the self-hosted setup since both of these are free services neither include a domain name for your new blog.

which is a downside if you plan to change it later on for example on wordpress that means your blog.

we’ll be at your username wordpress com on tumblr.

it will be your blog username tumblr.com as i mentioned if you’re publishing posts.

and building up search engine rankings your authority.

and followers it’s going to be a headache to switch everything over in the future.

so you may want to keep that in mind if you plan to be more serious with your blog while both wordpress and tumblr have many different themes available wordpress tends to have better support on both their free and paid premium themes.

as well as additional flexibility of changing hosting platforms later on for more control both platforms also offer premium themes that may fit best for different topics niches and verticals sometimes these themes will also offer different features with updates from the theme p raiders in the future as well.

What’s Next?

in the end the platform you choose is going to need to be based on your unique needs and preferences choosing the wordpress com or tumblr com platform will work well.

if you’re casually blogging but if you’re looking to get more serious hosting your own version with your own domain name on your own hosting account gives you the most control and flexibility.

WordPress VS Tumblr: WordPress benefits and features

WordPress benefits
WordPress features

The WordPress is so easy to use, it has set it up so that anyone even without knowledge of web coding can go in.

and set up their own website or blog this means you can be up and running very quickly in a matter of hours.

if you want to get into the web design business.

WordPress is a great place to start.

because it is so popular right now everyone is wanting to get on WordPress.

but a lot of business owners don’t want to take the time to try to figure out WordPress.

it might seem overwhelming to them or they just don’t have the time to do it because they’re out running their own business this means.

if you want to be able to profit from web design you can do.

so before you even learn to code just by learning how to set up a WordPress blog and website without any coding.

and believe me you can set up a very very professional website without touching a line of code.

Is WordPress plug-in ?

WordPress has an extensive plug-in directory and that allows you to easily and quickly.

and inexpensively might I add functionality to your website.

this means if there is anything that you want to do to your website there is probably a way for you to add that is free and without coding.

and we’re gonna look at how to do that so if you want to be able to add a calendar where your customers or your clients can go in and schedule appointments for you.

if you would like to sell digital or physical products from your website.

you can add a shopping cart in with no experience it’s very easy to do.

One of the best parts is WordPress is free so you don’t have to spend any money to do this now you certainly can’t.

but it’s optional you don’t have to there’s so much functionality out there that you can add to your website for free it’s great.

Is WordPress widely supported?

WordPress is widely supported because it is so popular right now.

this means it’s very easy for you to find answers.

and get support if you ever get stuck on top of that there are tons of developers out there who are constantly continuing to develop more and more functionality for WordPress.

so it’s only going to get even better there are so many content management systems out.

there but WordPress really stands out from the crowd so if you want to get your business online or if you want to start offering web design services.

WordPress is probably the best place to start if you understand WordPress you’re going to be in good shape so let’s go ahead and dive into how to actually start setting up your WordPress website.

When you look at the dynamic structure of a WordPress based website anybody can use this platform it’s geared towards non-technical users.

so if you don’t have a programming background that’s fine because really all you need to know to manage and update a WordPress website is the ability to do something like a word document , word processing and type of functionality.


you can send an email or type a word document then you can probably use WordPress which is great news for for most business owners the other thing is from a software perspective you don’t have to go in and buy anything really expensive all you need is a web browser.

and you can update and manage and maintain your website from anywhere in the world.

So it’s centralized all you need is an internet connection and a web browser and you can update your website as you need to do it.

and that’s great and it’s very flexible for the business owner last.

but not least probably the most important point here is the fact that dynamic websites promote a high content website that means that you can update the information on your website every day.

or multiple times a day if it’s needed in your business and in your industry the good thing about having a high content website is that the search engines will fight to find you more easily .

If you have a site that’s changing and updating and increasing its value over time so having a high content website is good for business and it’s also very easily done on a dynamic platform like WordPress.

Major feature

The major feature or WordPress is when it comes to using WordPress is its ability to customize your environment depending on what your business needs so for example I want to go through a couple of examples here.

but one example is the ability to add something like a photo gallery in this particular screen image here I literally took a folder from my computer.

where I had a bunch of images up from a digital camera a couple of clicks of the button I was able to add a really nice-looking image gallery that I can use anywhere on any page in my website.

you also have the ability to add sidebars to your website pretty much at will with very much very little work I should say.

So in this example here we’ve got a left sidebar that allows us to capture the name and email address of visitors to our website who are maybe interested in a free offer that we have it’s a great way of building a mailing list if you want to.

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WordPress VS Tumblr: Pros and Cons of Tumblr Blogging Platform

Tumblr Advantages
Advantages of Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the fundamental long-range social networking systems available. Also, with more than 300 million blogs and more than 550 million individuals visiting the webpage every month, doubtlessly Tumblr would be an extraordinary place to publicize your business, be it on the web or a mortar shop.

Tumblr gives a platform to creative personalities to talk about concepts, show fine art, and communicate music. As of February 2014, Tumblr gloats more than 170 million blogs with more than 77 billion posts.

The extensive group of clients makes Tumblr an effective apparatus for connecting with others, yet the blogging goliath’s administration additionally accompanies certain inconveniences.

Tumblr is extraordinary for customer brands that can cooperate with and promote their items to the dynamic Tumblr community, yet it’s not generally the best option. We’ve rattled off the advantages and disadvantages beneath so you can locate the best fit for your company.

Advantages of Tumblr

1- Community

This is maybe Tumblr’s most significant feature. Through joining Tumblr, you’re getting to work in a group, making it simpler to grow an audience here than other blogging platforms. While you aren’t given a connection with the crowd, you can accumulate subscribers, answer inquiries from readers, and re-blog others’ substance all from inside the platform. Consider it Twitter for blogging.

2- Cost: Tumblr is a free platform

They offer premium forms, extending from $9 and $49, which gives the client the capacity to additionally modify, however, the free version is adequate for an extraordinary blog platform.

3- Social Networking tool:

One of the upsides of utilizing Tumblr is that not at all like many destinations utilized for blogs, WordPress, and so forth, Tumblr is additionally a social networking tool. This implies as you pick up followers, other individuals can be presented to your notice. This implies with little work on your side you include can travel significantly advance “word of mouth”.

4- Simplicity:

If you’re hoping to begin blogging instantly with insignificant planning time, Tumblr is for you. You can set up a working blog in a matter of minutes utilizing Tumblr’s premade adjustable topics. There is an extraordinary incentive in finding a task that doesn’t require tech or design help.

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Disadvantages of Tumblr

1- Clients must adjust to format:

Tumblr has a particular equation that performs best on the platform. Light on the duplicate, overwhelming on the imagery, shareable stuff. Try not to expect gigantic accomplishment on Tumblr in case you’re writing long-form articles without any images. Clients must receive this technique and adjust their substance in like manner to make engaging in the content on the platform.

2- No room to grow:

If you select to use Tumblr, there’s not a huge amount of room for development. In the event that you don’t see a requirement for much else besides what Tumblr offers now, this isn’t an issue for you. In case you’re a young business looking to in the long run develop into an E-commerce website, or a little blogging group hoping to develop into a publishing house, look to WordPress to host your blog.

3- Domain-based Hosting ..

Tumblr expects you to use the Tumblr platform and servers to have your blog. WordPress, Blogger, and different platforms give choices to facilitating a blog utilizing the software all alone site, permitting more greater control over the up-time and substance uploaded to the blog and spared inside reinforcement chronicles. On a space-based blog, you can keep every one of the pictures and substance all alone server without expecting to depend upon Tumblr to have your substance. The capacity to host your own particular blog would furnish clients with more privacy also.

4- Can’t Achieve your Target Easily:

Unless your whole target market will be on Tumblr, you won’t achieve every one of them. However, remember that odds are that will be valid about wherever you advertise, unless your market is to a great degree niche, you will more often than not achieve every one of them through one outlet.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of WordPress

WordPress sites are easily customizable with many interfacing features and built-in SEO friendly elements in addition they have their own content management system which makes it easier to concentrate on design and content rather than on coding.

because of this you get to save more time and money this kind of site is very easy to maintain allowing you to upload all your own content such as text images and links basically there is no need to know about HTML codes these sites operate on a WordPress template system.

this includes widgets that can be reorganized without the need to edit PHP or HTML codes you’re even afford with the ability to edit your site using the online administration panel you can even install plugins with a click of the mouse.

WordPress VS Tumblr: Pros &Cons Of WordPress

WordPress VS Tumblr
WordPress features

Advantages of WordPress

WordPress is something that you cannot get around when you work in web development and I just think it’s important for people to know that there are pros and cons to it so let’s get start with the pros I like to be optimistic obviously.

One of the huge advantages of working with WordPress it is dirt cheap and very fast to just get start with a website or a blog WordPress is open source that means.

it is free to use if you install it on your own server even wordpress.com which is a South hosted version of WordPress is free to use there are some limitations with it with the South hosted version but again.

it’s free to use it’s very quick and that’s why it is so popular because people just have a business idea or any idea and they need a website they can quickly install a version of WordPress and apply a theme against it and then they are good to go.

the second advantage

So the second advantage that WordPress really has is the plugins there are so many plug-ins for WordPress that let you extend WordPress.

WordPress is functionality and also pretty much every major company has a plug-in developed for WordPress which means that the basic inhalation of WordPress allows you to create website pages show content manage content from the backend.

and also the WordPress really is a very strong blogging engine so you can have your own blog and accept comments from your visitors so that’s what WordPress is in its core.

but if you say I want WordPress to be able to manage my events I want to have a public-facing events calendar I want WordPress to be able to capture leads.

I would work press to be able to have people sign up for newsletters.

I want WordPress to give me a quick and easy carousel slider on the at the hero area of my website all of those things can be finish very easily with WordPress.

and that’s a huge advantage plugins and most of the plugins are for free too okay another the third Pro .

Third advantage

The third advantage of WordPress that I would like to talk about today is the fact that WordPress has become a de facto standard for website creation in the community now is that a good or a bad thing.

I don’t know we can debate about that but one thing that is for sure is that there are so many tutorials out there about WordPress about how you can get start easy and fast and for free and that is very important with any piece of software it is important that there is a community that supports it that is passionate about it that loves it.

and that it is easy to find people that help you with the software and this is something that is definitely true with WordPress it’s a huge huge advantage okay having talked about any of those about those three main advantages I will also talk a little bit about

Disadvantages of WordPress

The disadvantages of WordPress and we’ll start with talking about maintenance what a lot of people underestimate when they install WordPress is that it needs to be maintain in the future in order to remain effective.

and work well I would say it requires about one hour per month depending on the size of your website that you should have a webmaster or person.

who is responsible to log into your WordPress and installation to make all the updates of the WordPress 5 themselves.

but also the plugins because if you do not do that and as business people we can get busy if you do not do that then your site gets fragile and plugins may stop working plugins may not be compatible with each other anymore and all of a sudden.

you find yourself in a in a mess and you have kind of lost the global picture of everything and it is very hard it can become very hard to know well where do I start now what should I update first this plug-in or that plug-in or WordPress files and that is something.

where it also gets dangerous because if you update the word the wrong plug-in first you could potentially break your home your whole site lose data and in that matter also use business lose business.

biggest disadvantage 

The biggest disadvantage another disadvantage is that since WordPress is so easy to at least get start with you will find a lot of people who specialized in installing wordpress applying a theme.

and customizing it and that is there’s nothing wrong with that it is a huge market.

there’s a lot of demand and we need people like that you have to be careful though because those people are not developers.

so they may build something for you that works for now but doesn’t work in the medium and long term anymore.

because it doesn’t scale well and then if you need to scale those people will not have the knowledge to help you.

so you will have to try and find someone who is a true WordPress developer and then it gets kind of expensive and complicated to extend your website and get it to do what you what you want and what you need it to do .

so it may be a better idea to sit down with the professional and talk about your requirements and needs and about where you see your company in a few months a few years and then make a decision around what is the best web framework or software to use for your website.

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