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Invest in Ethereum (ETH) currency today before tomorrow the future for it

Ethereum (ETH) currency today before tomorrow

The Ethereum (ETH) currency is a distributed, open-source and decentralized block. the most important feature of which is the smart nodes that can be implemented on this network. The Ethereum protocol was proposed by the Canadian programmer Vitali Biotrain in 2013 and was first launched in 2015. this article on our site E-helper team.

what is Ethereum
what is Ethereum

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What is the currency of Ethereum 

etherioum vs bitcoin
etherioum vs bitcoin

it is an electronic currency, like Bitcoin, that operates on the Ethereum (ETH) network. The price at the start of the network on 30 July 2015 was not more than two dollars, in the first quarter of 2017 did not exceed the price of 20 US dollars ($ 20) and today the price of etherium exceeds $ 300, which doubled in 2017 by 3700%, estimated some Analysts said it could reach $ 1,000 by the end of 2017 or earlier. The currency of the Ethereum (ETH) is the financial value you pay for any operation on the Ethereum (ETH) network, whether it is a regular transfer of money from one account to another, or the execution of an intelligent contract – a program – on the network.

The rise of Ethereum to its highest value:

On the 13th of June, the highest price of Ethereum (ETH) has so far surpassed the $ 400 edge on many electronic exchange platforms, with some trading platforms selling and buying at $ 405 and $ 408, while the cexio platform saw an exchange of $ 412 Dollars. The $ 400 peak is the highest price ever since its inception.

The currency of Ethereum (ETH) is trading at 10 cents on the gdax platform:

One of the strangest incidents of the past year, specifically in June, was the sale of the currency of Ethereum (ETH) with a very small pigment, to an incredible extent. A large amount of lithium sold for 30 million US dollars, sold for 10 cents on the GDAX electronic trading platform, Of course, it was not natural. This was due to the manipulation of big investors or so-called whales in the market on this platform. Of course, only big investors benefited from this manipulation. The statements made by GDX officials came to deny any kind of manipulation of the market so that the truth remains between the taking of a response.

Ethereum (ETH) value
Ethereum (ETH) value

The true value ofُُ Ethereum :

The adoption of several global networks of Ethereum (ETH) and the formation of the Ethereal Union Foundation gave a very strong impetus to this currency and made it multiply terribly within a short period of time. Some suggest that this rise to the currency of the Ethereum (ETH) is only a false rise (bubble) and can return to its real price at any moment ($ 20).  this currency to the upside confirm the opposite, namely that the current value of the currency ($ 300) is real, but that its value far exceeds, what can be caused by this network – and behind it the currency – of change in the world, and of course for the adoption of a very broad For Ethereum (ETH)

the most important reasons that led the Ethereum (ETH) to climb in this form and expected to rise even more in the future

1- Independent programming language:

The Ethereum protocol has an independent programming language called solidity and has libraries in many programming languages, such as: Web3js, Java, Ethereum (ETH) and CPP- Ethereum (ETH) These languages enable libraries, The Ethereum is not just communicating with it

2-Faster implementation and safer network:

With the algorithms implemented in the Ethereum (ETH) network, the implementation of conversions and programs on this network is faster than others, and the security side is more improved than others

3-Broad adoption:

The curiosity of many international companies – especially financial ones

government institutions of Ethereum (ETH) and adoption of him gave him a strong boost
Chinese markets are one of the world’s largest encrypte exchange markets,

4-Chinese markets:

The Chinese market is one of the world’s largest encrypted exchange markets.

recently opened the largest three Chinese exchange of encrypted currency in China

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