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Best site Bitcoin new profit for cloud mining + (100 GB free hash)

Mining companies on your behalf, known as Cloud Mining, An alternative to mining in a personal computer

We explained in the previous lesson how to mining through the personal machine.

But mining through a personal computer has its own drawbacks.

You need a device with good efficiency and high specifications to be able to obtain a profit acceptable from this method.

your device is prone to holidays and the discharge of electricity, which is also not free.

cloud mining
cloud mining

Benfits of Cloud Mining

Mining companies, therefore, are mining on your behalf, known as Cloud Mining, where you invest in the company as a private owner.

The company buys special mining equipment of high mining power, Profits.

The duration of the investment contracts varies according to the company, from which the contracts are life-long (of course, the life of the company !!),

of which what is for a year and what is for five years.

The amount of daily profit also varies according to the companies but often the amount of profit cover Amounts of investment in a period of 3 to 6 months depending on the company and according to the power of the Bitcoin

But the problem with cloud mining is the large proportion of companies involved in this field,

which is based on the principle of Ponzi series of the monument,

instead of buying real mining devices that distribute a proportion of investment funds to investors to bring their confidence

and invest more money even if it reached the ambitious amounts They suddenly disappear from their web pages and swallow up all your money


How to know the true companies in cloud mining

There are many ways

the most important characteristics of the true cloud mining companies:

  • There are names of the administrative and technical staff of the company and information about them and information about the company’s headquarters and how to contact them
  • There are photographs of the mining equipment and equipment (the company manager stands beside it to make sure it belongs to the company and not pictures collected from the Internet)
  • Companies that have been operating for more than two years are honest and respected companies in this field
  • In researching the internet, you find a lot of proof of payment, lots of positive responses and good reviews

Today with us a new site for cloud mining You can mine the most popular electronic currencies

Register here



login ,email , password

after press login


enter login
enter login

The site contains all mining currencies

face of site
face of site

Proof of clouds

Proof of clouds
Proof of clouds



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