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Create a squeeze page with WordPress

Create a squeeze page with WordPress, in this post,

we’ll show you exactly how to build from scratch a squeeze page,

So you can also get into the action and start building your list.

A squeeze page is a landing page designed by potential subscribers

to capture opt-in email addresses.

A squeeze page’s goal is to persuade, cajole, or “squeeze” a visitor

to supply one of their most sought

– after and coveted personal data pieces: email address.

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Create a squeeze page with WordPress


There are various ways to build a squeeze page, All with their own advantages and disadvantages.

The free options are generally quite difficult to use, and often it doesn’t look great.
On the other hand, paying options to take away all that trouble, They look great and professional and they offer things like analytics of conversion and there are a whole host of other goodies, some great resources like Free WordPress Squeeze Page Plugins: choose (Ultimate Landing Page, Impact Template Editor or Parallax Gravity)

Using the plugin to build a squeeze page, There are a number of great plugins to help you construct your squeeze pages, Everyone takes things with their own unique take on.

It prefers to use Thrive Architect, But, if you don’t like Thrive,

Then there is a list of other paid WordPress Squeeze page plugins,

such as (LeadPages, Click Funnels or Instapage)

Set up step by step

Download the “Product Manager” plugin once you have purchased the Thrive Architect License.
Once the plugin is enabled, Go to the Dashboard for WordPress and click on Pages > Add New. Give a title to the new page and click on “Save Draft.”
After saving the draft, To go to the Builder page, click the “Launch Thrive Architect” button.
Upon loading of the Thrive Architect page builder, To change the template, click the small cloud button.
Look through the huge library of pre-constructed templates, Find your favourite one, and click “Choose Template“.
Now, You can now edit an epic template and tweak to your heart’s content. Everything on the page can edit now.
Go ahead and finish the copy, headline, font, colour scheme and so on. Until you see how you like it.

Once that’s done, The last step in the process, for example, is to connect the form to your mailing service MailChimp, Aweber, Drip etc.

It should be noted If your mailing service has not already link to Thrive, Architect, You may need to connect to the API.

Just click the button “Add New API Connections” and follow your specific mailing service steps.

Finally, you create the first ever squeeze page.

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