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Explain Payoneer and how to register on the site and get a Payoneer card

A lot of people turn to online work lately and ways to pay money for that variety including Payoneer card.

It is a type of bank card that is automatically drawn from ATM everywhere.

That type of card has been launched more than 12 years ago and has become more and more recent because of the trend of many to work through the Internet.

Payoneer is designed and directed to work with the companies that operate in the system of the affiliate

As well as sites that offer miniature services such as the services of the group of Lance and others,

the Payoneer card operates in many countries, which number more than 200 countries.

The name of the millionaire card was launched on the Payoneer card because the top people who work in the World Commission marketing use it.

What is the Payoneer card?

This is a card that allows a user to receive his profit from the profit companies in which he works,

a card that provides a lot of burden compared to other means.

Western Union or World Bank accounts called Wire, and can be withdrawn with the Payoneer card from any ATM.

It also enables the owner to shop online either by selling or by purchasing,

and through the card can exchange money from local banks.

It is a feature recently launched and supported in Egypt and some other countries and through the card can transfer funds from it to the local account.

This is whether the bank account is in the local currency or the dollar,

and it is not a condition to get that card and there is a bank account

But all that is required is confirmed information about the place of residence and a copy of the passport if possible or identification card

We will explain how to get visa Payoneer in detail later.

And because everything has disadvantages, the Payoneer card also has some disadvantages and is a fairly high cost.

To pay a fee based on the buyer’s account type even when the account is closed, another fee is charged

If they are dealt with in the Forex sites when the account is closed, not a small amount is lost.

As well as the subscription type for the card, you can subscribe and receive it through the Channel partner

Which are sometimes handled at a higher level, they also have a daily withdrawal restriction of up to $1, 000 and a monthly maintenance charge of $3

It is not possible to name this launch as a 100% free .

How to register for the Payoneer website and get a Payoneer card

The registration and Visa Payoneer method is very easy only if the steps are followed correctly, and the steps are:

  • Register at Payoneer

The Payoneer site is accessed and upon completion of the registration process the Subscriber receives twenty five dollars as a gift from the site.

The first step is your personal information, such as your first name, last name, email, and date of birth.

  • Confirm Information

After that you will find confirmation of the information that has been entered so we press “continue” to confirm the data you entered.

  • Contact information

After that we will navigate to other information which is the contact information and in which you will find the state,

the address of the residence, the city and then the ZIP code.

Then the phone number, whether mobile or landline, must be validated.

Then you click on “continue” and you will now move to an important point of registration, which is “security details”.

  • Security Details

On the Security Details page you will enter your email and enter your password and confirm it again

Then you choose a security documentation question and then you answer it.

Do not forget to keep this data because you may need it at any time in a safe place, then press “continue”.

  • About to end

And then we come up with the last step, a step called “About to End”, in which you choose a personal identity.

It is the official government identity of your state “passport or personal card”

You fill in the data in the card and the full card number, as well as where the card is issued.

We must note that all the data that you have already typed must be correct and give up any error.

  • Review your subscription application

Then you must do the education on all options and then press “continue” and be sure to save all the data entered

This step is only waiting for a message from the website after you have reviewed your application and may take three to five days.

  • Ref

Then we press “Enter your account” in Payoneer and you will get a reference number

that enables you to send them when you need or inquire

Then you have to update your information, which is to choose security Question number 2 and then answer it,

then choose Security Question Number 3 and then answer it.

  • Account status

Then you will be on the green box to follow the status of your account,

and after that step you only have to upload a photo of your personal card

As well as an electricity bill with the same housing address so that the address is validated.

  • Application acceptance and activation

We then send those photos to the website, and then we’ll wait for a final letter of acceptance on the email.

To confirm and accept the application and indicate when the card is sent to your address and when the card arrives home, you must activate it.

By clicking on “Activate” then you fill in all the data on the Payoneer card which is correctly connected to you.

such as the 16 digit card number, and the PIN code on the four-digit card

Then you rewrite it again in the following box, and after those steps you must agree to all the terms

Then you can click on “Activate” and here congratulations you have an active visa Payoneer.





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