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How to receive money on PayPal

How to receive money on PayPal

Today we will talk about How to receive money on PayPal

because of the importance of using PayPal for many



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Receive money on PayPal

1- Give your PayPal account associated email to people.

If you want people through PayPal to give you money.

You’re going to need your email address.

Make sure that when you request money through PayPal.

You give your account’s email address to people and not a

different address.

2- Apply for money through PayPal.

By logging into your account,

you can send requests for money via PayPal.

Click on Tools, then click on Request money.

Enter the amount of money you would like to receive

and the email or telephone number of the person from whom

you request it.

Then click on, “Request Money.”

3- Use PayPal to send invoices.

You can easily send invoice your work hours using PayPal.

especially,  if you do any kind of freelance work.

You then fill in a form to detail the services you provided,

your hours, your rates, and the total amount owed.

4- Link PayPal to eBay sites.

If you sell things online, on sites like eBay, most sites will allow

you to link your account to your PayPal.

This will automatically direct their money to your PayPal

account when customers make purchases.

Each website has a different way to link your PayPal account,

Usually, however, you only need to enter your PayPal email

and possibly some personal information.

5- Expect a fee from most invoices and sales to be deducted.

If you use PayPal as an online trader or as an employer invoice,

Your final payment will deduct a fee of 2.9% + $0.30. To get

around this fee, multiply your desired price by 0.029, calculate it

in your price or invoice. Then you add $ 0.30.


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Note that:

If you transfer money with a connected credit card between

friends and family, you will be charged the same fee.

Visit the fee page of PayPal for a complete, detailed list of fees in

all countries and for different types of companies.

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