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learn how to create an American bank account from Payoneer

Today, we know how to get a Payoneer American bank account to receive funds and payments from thousands of

U.S. networks and companies and withdraw them to your local bank account or through any ATM worldwide.

Create your American bank account through Payoneer

Here I would like to make it clear first that the Payoneer payment service is two types,

namely the American payment service and the European payment service,

i.e. you can receive your financial payments from European companies in euros, i.e. you have two bank accounts,

one at a bank of the European Union and the other in a United States bank.

American but what we need a lot is the American payment service because you can receive financial payments

from many companies and international sites that are frequently dealt with in the Arab world.

Payoneer now provides more than a bank account that now reaches seven bank accounts in the currency of the dollar,

the euro, the British pound, the Japanese yen, the Canadian dollar, the Australian dollar and the Chinese yuan.

Steps to create your American bank account through the Payoneer American payment service

After you have accessed the home page of your account, select Receive and then the Global payment service, where you will find all the bank accounts available to you.
We will choose the American bank account by selecting the dollar currency.

You will find that your account data is

  • The name of the American bank in which the account is located

  • Bank account Number

  • Routing number is an important number for U.S. bank accounts that is dialed when you link your U.S. bank account with any other site.

  • Account Type

  • Name of beneficiary which is your personal name

But before you start using your American bank account, you have to make two very important steps:

  1. first is to provide proof of identity by the work of the residents of any proof of identity such as passport or ID card or driving license.

  2. second is to submit a questionnaire explaining the purpose of using the bank account.

With regard to the questionnaire, all you have to say is that you want to receive money from some American companies such as Amazon,

the bank, or any other network of affiliate marketing networks or a freelance site,

because there are some companies that are banned by pioneer, such as Forex or gambling companies and other prohibited activities. That you can’t use the American payment service with.




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