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How to make meta tags in your site optimized to SEO

Many webmasters follow all the correct methods that are common to everyone. When putting them into Meta Tag titles, which are most important.
Meta Tags : Meta Title – Meta Description – Meta Keywords

But in the end they suffer from the lack of appearance of the site in the search results and times of the absence of any results of their site any of the words they chose and carefully placed in the meta tags.

What are Meta Tags?

It’s information and words are placed on the site within the “Head”. Users cannot see your own code but can only see the page title of the site. Some people can find meta tags for your site via Page Source. You can also use that method to learn and study the words your competitors are targeting. So you can progress on them or choose a combination of words that are better than the one they chose.

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The importance of meta tags for your site

Search engine networks can categorize your pages through meta tags and learn what you’re talking about. But the target words in meta tags must be present within the page in the subject so as not to be considered to be contrary to the rules of the search engines, for example: if you target the word advertising sites, that page should be talking about advertising sites.

Google likes diversification so put different meta tags from page to page trying to target a lot more words and also target the ideas of different users

Think about the important words you want to target, create pages and topics that target that word or words, and do not do the opposite, that you put content for the page and then think about the keywords.

The more words you target, the less competition you have with other sites. Many site owners are making a common mistake by placing the site name on all pages. These pages will be useless and will only appear in the search results when someone searches for the name of the site. This is rare because it will tell people around the world what you want without successfully using the seo.

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