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Payoneer fees and Payments services in the business market

Payoneer fees and Payments services in the business market is good for many people. Payoneer is a payment service. It is for marketplace and business owners who want to pay their contract workers, contract workers. Also it is for  freelancers who want to receive payments. If you regularly pay out funds to freelancers. Also if you are a freelancer needs a way to bill clients and receive payments, Payoneer might be suitable for you.

Payoneer fees concerning withdrawing money

Concerning Payoneer  in Payoneer fees You’ll pay a different fee. Also that depends on whether you will withdraw the funds in the same currency or in a different currency. It will cost you up to 2% above the mid-market rate. This thing will happen if you Withdraw money from your Payoneer account to a bank account in a different currency. Also if you will tranfer money into your bank account in the same currency you’ll pay $1.50 for the transaction. Furthermore if you are a high earner, you may have lower fees.

Payoneer payment services

Payoneer has three different payment services.

1- Billing Service:

If you’re a freelancer or a business owner, you can request payment from your clients.

2- Mass Payout Services:

Payoneer helps many marketplaces like Upwork and Airbnb. Also it helps them to send payments to freelancers and contractors.

3- Make a Payment:

You can send money to any other Payoneer account. The only thing You need is to receive payments actively before you have the access to make a Payment.

If you pay someone through Payoneer, the funds will go into their online Payoneer account. After that, the payee has withdrawal options, and these options are Payoneer  prepaid Mastercard, Global Payment Service. Global Payment Service is a
local bank transfer in more than 200 countries. Also there is another option is that Payoneer Makes a Payment to send currency to other Payoneer accounts.


The types of transfers that Payoneer support

The transfers is through the Payoneer platform. Also You can send payments through eCheck, Credit card, and Local bank transfers. Your payee will have your payment in their Payoneer account. The transfer will take less than two hours. Recipients can withdraw funds through Local bank transfer, and Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard. All transactions in Payoneer are in online process. Also it doesn’t offer physical branches.



The process of  sending and receiving money in Payoneer

Before making the process of  sending or receiving money, you’ll need to register for an account in Payoneer. It is free to open a Payoneer account, and Payoneer offers different ways to send and receive money. In receiving money you can make a payments, and receiving them. This happens as a payoneer customer, and it is free. If you are in the Global Payment Service, payoneer will let you receiving accounts for U.S. dollars, British pounds, and Euros. Also it will let you to receive accounts for Japanese Yens. In this way you can receive many different currencies. It is free to receive money For EUR, GBP and JPY. For USD it is 1% fee.


Payoneer Fees
Payoneer Fees

Payoneer fees in Billing Service concerning receiving payments from customers 

In Billing Service when you receive payments, you’ll pay different fees for payment. These different fees for payment by credit card or eCheck. In credit card (all currencies) it will be 3% fees. In eCheck (USD) it will be 1% fees.


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