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Web hosting terms of service

Web hosting terms of service, in this article,

we will talk about these terms to help you

until you benefit from this service to work at your website or other.

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Web hosting terms of service

Web hosting terms of service and when it may change?

From time to time, these terms and cases may be changing.

Changes to these terms will take place within 30 days after the changes post.

These terms display via the interface

which Services you use to set up or otherwise order.

You agree to check the terms and conditions

and conditions on a regular basis and that if you no longer agree to this

Agreement’s terms and conditions, you will terminate your use of the Services.

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Web hosting terms of service & Consists of service

The Services consist of the website hosting package

with the particular configuration which you have select

or will select via the Services Interface when using the Services.

So you acknowledge and understand the significant limitations of service,

pricing, the term of service, terms of payment and other conditions.

other Services Conditions transmit via the Services Interface

and are incorporated in this Agreement.

Services & credit card

If you use the Services credit card,

that the Services charge may appear under another name.

here contact the web hosting service here to verify the charges

and method of billing.

If you agree to charge a service-related charge by a credit card company,

It is a material breach of the terms for whatever reason,

and it causes grounds for termination.

Bandwidth or other capacity matrices

 You also agree that you may not downgrade the Services

bandwidth or other capacity matrices below the Services

the actual level of use what you’ve experienced in the month before.

communication systems

You acknowledge that the primary means of communication

between you and them will be email or online communication systems.

so you recognize that it is your responsibility to maintain

in your contact information a current email address and physical mailing address.

You further agree that to get notices posted through the Services Interface,

so you should regularly log in to your account.

You agree that your failure to respond to a communication

from us may result in Services being suspended

or cancelled without any reimbursement of prepaid fees if any.

Unplanned or unannounced interruptions to the Services

You agree that any unplanned or unannounced ceases

to the Services do not require corrective action except

where such unplanned or unannounced ceases

in any 30-day period exceed 24 hours,

In that case, you agree that the exclusive remedy is a 24-hour hosting credit

for each 24-hour unplanned interruption period and that credit applies to the fees due for your next hosting period, If any, or by setting the end of your then – current Service term solely.

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