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who is freelancer ? Top Websites to Work from Home as Freelancer

Freelancer is that a person who has the skill or ability to perform a job  or tasks for the benefit of employers who are often different parties and not one person or one . often take these tasks or jobs in a short time to finish them and then start the task Others and so on.
Therefore, if you are the owner of a certain skill or skill can be carried out remotely through the Internet you can enter directly in the world of freelancing or free work.


What skills do you need to work online as freelancer?

There are multiple skills that should be available in a person who wants to be a freelancer for example

Graphic design: such as design logos – design of web interfaces – cards – banners and advertising images

Writing: such as writing articles and blogging in favor of blogs that ask their owners professional writers to write content .

and write the texts of advertising professionally

translate articles: Many ask to it and research into different languages and is a good way to work online if you do the right way

Programming: such as programming websites, forums and add-ons for blogs and programming mobile applications, which has become increasingly demand them recently

Data entry and configuration of forms

E-marketing: Providing services related to electronic marketing – Improving the relationship with search engines (SEO) – Exploiting social networking

sites in marketing – Marketing by marketing – Marketing by e-mail.

Electronic materials manufacturing: such as videos – PowerPoint presentations or other programs.





advantages and disadvantages
advantages and disadvantagessites 

Advantages of freelancer

1- Freedom of work in any place and at any time. whether from home, coffee or any  place . There is complete independence without any restrictions or commitment on time or at work.

2 – the large of customer base is not limited to your surroundings anymore.

it is possible to work for a customer in any place in the world

3- The big change in the income of the designer .

where the company is distributed profit after covering several expenses such as marketing and printing and the needs of the office as for the expenditure is limited to the personal limit of the individual

Disadvantages of  freelauncer

1- Difficulty managing the time and thus not meeting the specified delivery dates

2 – Lack of professionalism in dealing with customers in terms of bidding and explaining the projects, but with time and friction can fade this problem

3 – It is difficult to attract customers in the beginning, usually the designer needs time to reach the level of business to the extent that feeds the customers directly. Also, because most transactions online to physical transactions, the two parties need to be reassured to some and come from a good reputation from previous projects distinguished .. etc

4 – specialization lacks most of the designers of free work specialization and I mean that specialization in logos or drawing lines or graphite

Top Golden Tips To Become Freelancer Professional:

We will learn about the most important tips by which you can become a Freelancer or an independent professional in your field.

1 – specialization in the field of proficiency

2 – Try to overload your skills with a lot of work

3 – Learn the skill of searching online

4. Trust and face fear

5. Sign up for the most popular online recruitment sites

6- Develop yourself and take care of your time well

7. You must have any payment method

Here are the most famous freelancer website  from home

  • Fiverr website

At Fiverr, it’s our mission to grow and cultivate the world’s largest digital marketplace, a place where people can find and purchase any service they need, and build any business they dream. As an employee, your work is inspired by the success of our users and the celebration of your own personal growth





  • Peopleperhour site is the best site after Fiverr site and can be considered better than Fiverr so much that you can provide the services at any price you want unlike Fiverr site, and in Fiverr offer the service for $ 5 get half a dollar commission, and the site Peopleperhour Or can provide service Bai The price of a wish depends on the work for one hour

If you want to register on this site, subscribe to the Peopleperhour website and you will receive a gift of $ 25 immediately. This is a discount gift. When you buy a service from the site, for example, $ 100 will pay only $ 75

people per hour
people per hour
  • 99designs site

It is intended only for designers and depends on the presentation of an auction, for example a company that wants to create a Rand or a full commercial identity and want a professional designer to design a logo and have a very high price, you enter the auction and you may be lucky

99designs site
99designs site
  • Freelancer site

Freelancer site
Freelancer site

There are people who need a lot of services, you are making a bid and maybe you have the choice as well

Login to the site from Freelancer and fill in the registration data. Now you have an account on the largest free business site
But you want to activate your account you have to update the data and the phone number and you can also add all your data from Facebook and now after updating the data and activation through the email profile is completed by 20% and will be completed by 48% after the selection of your qualifications

The qualifications you choose are the ones that make you bargain. If your employer asks for a web designer and you can design websites but do not put this in your qualifications you can not add a bargaining and after selecting all your skills you can do the projects



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