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(VPS)hosting and the possibilities required for the work of your server


(vps)hosting is a “virtual private server” It is a hosting plan in which you, in partnership with other sites on the same server
But some of the server resources are allocated in terms of RAM and RAD
And the development of your own programs and you have the right to control the possibility of developing programs
On your server and protecting your server is your responsibility and not your responsibility
The main server is characterized by the FSB most of the capabilities of the main server and yet the price
Renting is very convenient for medium-sized webmasters or start-up hosting companies

(vps) is Part of a large server equipped with full processing to ensure that the power is not interrupted or Intranet + Intranet speed

With 1 GB and BICON connected 24 hours to ensure the best performance for running games and websites and many uses

And the subscription Bacon monthly or yearly and the best servers are composed of countries de

(France – Germany – Canada – America) and there are many other countries … But these are the best countries

types of  The server (vps)

it is divided into two types

1 – VPS server based on the intangible parts: It is currently used by the servers of virtual servers, which enables you to control the use of server resources by 85% of the resources of the main server
2 – VPS server based on the concrete parts: This type is a lot of problems in terms of use and in this installation of each server separately


VPS works on all known operating systems


(win7-win8-win10-win 2012 server-win 2008 server-Linux)

The best operating systems with games servers are Win 2008 Server and Win 2012 Server

you must know that  If your computer is not connected to your computer, the Internet does not mean that you have locked your computer

If you are busy, even if you have a net, you have a server at home

A computer is a way of communicating only with the server


The way to enter the server

After subscribing to the service the company will follow you with your IP address, username, password and some data

And then choose from the Start menu on your PC

Start —–> All Programs ——> Accessories —–> Remote Desktop connection

first we will choose start

click to start
click to start

then choose All programs

all the programs
all the programs

after that Accesiors


finally Remote Desktop connection

remote desktop connection

remote desktop connection
remote desktop connection

then …….Write your IP address, user name and password, and then click Connect

After logging in, you will see a special window for the server and your system will be able to control everything in the server

Easy to finish costume

Your computer is better and here differentiate you with the speed of the Internet in the control of the server on the basis of what we say that is de

The means of communication between you and the server every time the Net has a fast and strong Htqdr control the server better

And more easily

 specification is for  VPS server

This specification is for server hosting only:

Prossecor: 3.02 GHz and preferably core2due
Ram: 2 ~ 4GB if you hack sites
Hard Disk: A costume you want according to your job, but you prefer to bring two unit working for hosting and a unit to pick up.

Of course, this is lower specifications may not be less
And if you want to provide the possibilities of course normal even if you get 16 grams of RAM comfortable ..

The server has been …

Prossecor: 3.80 GHz Core2due
Ram: 4 GB
Hard Disk: as you Like prefer

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