To know more about E-commerce. It is the purchase or sale of products online or on the Internet, Electronic commerce takes advantage of technologies, such as supply chain management, inventory management systems, electronic funds transfer, mobile commerce, and electronic data interchange.

  1. What are the 3 types of e-commerce?
  2. Is Amazon e-commerce?
  3. Why is e-commerce used?
  4. Is Ecommerce a good career?
  5. How to Start an eCommerce Business in 2021?

Internet marketing, online transaction processing, and automated data collection systems.

It refers to the purchase and sale of online goods or services, and data to carry out the transactions and also the transfer of money.

It often uses to refer to online sales of material products, but it can also describe any type of business transaction.


This is made more simple on the internet, While e-business refers to all aspects of an online business process, E-commerce specifically refers to goods and services dealings.
It can take diverse forms covering dealings relationships between companies and consumers, as well as different objects, that are exchange as part of these transactions such as service, dropshipping, crowdfunding, retail, subscription, physical products, wholesale and  digital products

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