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The way of profit in Affiliate … the way of regestration

The Travel Program Affiliate travel  interfaces you to the world’s most well know it in internet booking stage – 1,534,024 properties and checking! With such huge numbers of convenience choices, it’s anything but difficult to discover your clients the ideal place to remain.

and With their across the board program, you can without much of a stretch influence appointments in the interest of your clients and gain to commission while you’re doing it.

Regardless of whether you’re an autonomous travel operator or part of an affiliation, setting up your accomplice account is without bother. Go along with us today to begin getting a charge out of the considerable number of advantages of being a accomplice!

Why join the booking program?

firstly There are many features and characteristics that prepare you to go to booking program

  •  High conversion rate
  • Great commission
  • Global audience
  • Dedicated account management team
  • Easy to use technology
  • They have technical support that runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

The means of payment and how the commission is calculated

1- paypal : this is very wonderful way

2-Bank Transfer: Well this is great and supports many Arab countries.
+ The site gives a commission of up to 25% -40%. This encourages a lot to work with them.

How the commission is calculated

first you receive a reservation, they will add the commission to the expected charges.

When the customer’s stay ends,they will add  the amount  to your balance.

you reach 100 Euros,  PayPalwill pay for you. The bank transfer should be approximately 200-500 Euro. .
Payment after one month of your arrival to minimum.100 Euro Paypal … etc
As I said your commission of booking up to 40% .. When you bring the site for bookings, for example 30-80 bookings increase your commission .. The more your bookings the more unexpected profits increase

Registration Method

log in Registration link for the booking program
The link is the main site link … there is no river .. or not sure

Fill in the data as usual and register
regestration of

Then after registration activate your email .. and add a payment method for you and then never install links that are preferred to shorten the bit ly
The chic feature of booking is that the direct links to the flashes are accepted by Facebook without problems ..
There are several ways, including attractive banners and inspirational .. And posters and search boxes for the owners .. Ikstfha yourself when you enter the products ..
Another thing to mention. I think that is a very professional feature even large sites as combined hotels are used when adding new marketers ..
This e-mail address is that Boking lets you add marketers who work with you and can track the results and performance of each of them individually

booking manager
booking manager allows you to add a group of affeliates and work together as a team .. The administrator can give the individual the powers to access the account and follow up performance .. Even until the performance of the account in general ..
Facebook updates profits every 24 hours and sometimes takes a bit longer. But it does not exceed 24 hours unless you have a lot of visitors and reservations .. and that’s good ..

Products for Self-managed Partners

  • Search Box

The ideal beginning stage for travellerss, our Pursuit Box will guide them to a rundown of properties in their coveted goal. they allowed  you to tweak the style of this responsive item, and you can focus on the quests your clients make by preapplying channels.

  • Banners

Need to urge your clients to make appointments? Our consideration snatching pennants come in six distinct organizations, with different outlines to browse. Adaptable and adjustable, these flags are accessible in 43 dialects and vernaculars, letting you effectively connect with your group of onlookers.

  • Inspiring Search Box

With our Moving Hunt Box, your gathering of people will feel much more slanted to make appointments. This item enables you to apply channels that show attractive pictures of prevalent goals by our exemplary Pursuit Box – making the possibility of an excursion much additionally engaging.

  • Deals Finder

Created to drive bookings through your affiliate site, the Deals Finder promotes properties that offer users attractive discounts. Just select the day of the week you want the deals to be applied to, and we’ll refresh them automatically.

  • WordPress Plugins

Turning your audience into customers is just a few clicks away. Adding products to your WordPress site is quick and hassle-free with our customizable plugins. You can create eye-catching banners and deep links, or easily add one of our search boxes.

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