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Sell safety by Amazon site and How to register step by step

There are many public Affiliate markets, and from These markets are the world’s Amazon site, EBay is based All these sites collect certain percentages on any
A sales movement takes place through its platform, and in the same Time provides the seller with great effort in that It has its own location and makes full focus
In the product insurance and shipping to the customer While at the same time providing the platform Safe to buy and shop safely and comfortably, And emphasis on
All suppliers and product owners have verified their reliability as well as their products Protect his funds in the event of any dispute or dispute with Seller

Everyone can take advantage of these sites, and I will try to put some points to your attention While handling, viewing and selling products across thes platforms

I will start with the Amazon platform

amazon site
amazon site

information to get started in Amazon site

We need to have two different types of information to get started in Amazon

Information for the seller

The seller needs to prepare some information before starting to sell via Amazon:

Business Information Processing:

Because Amazon is the most respected online brand on the Internet, it makes sense to do so
Attention to this information by the Company for all its customers in the sale, and from this information:

  • the name of the trademark (which will appear on the seller’s page to the shoppers)
  •  The legal trade name (if any)
  •  E-mail address for customer service,
  • Customer service phone number,
  •  the actual address of the location of the products (from where the shipment will be);
  • Information on the bank account
  • Choose the shipping method used when sending

To choose the best shipping method

you should know the approximate shipping price for each product by the method of shipment
Before placing them on site and, if necessary, prior agreement with shipping and delivery companies.
There is often a shopper in Amazon wanting to know more about the seller’s information before buying,
Here, you must add other information in the Settings section. The profile of any vendor includes:

  •  Logo of the seller or company
  •  Information about the seller and identification of who is this seller,
  •  More detailed information on the methods of delivery, shipment and policies used by the seller at all Life,
  • Seller’s public policies, in addition to return and redemption policies,

 Product Information:

Amazen needs to know some information about each product sold through its platform, mainly:

  • Universal Product Code (UPC), and can not be allowed to A product is visible on the site without this code
  •  the number of the stock or product storage unit (SKU)
  • Product name and product description,
  • Product specifications in the form of consecutive points
  • List of relevant key and key words (To describe the product) to facilitate the search process Product access),
  •  the section or category in which the product must be included

to get the link Affiliates click here 

Amazon Account Types: –

There are two types of accounts at Amazon. Here we mean the commercial accounts of sellers and not buyers

1- Individual account

For those who plan to sell fewer than 40 products per month, there is no monthly fee. The sales fee is 0.99 cents per product, plus the routing fees and variable closing fees

2- Professional account

Who plans to sell more than 40 products per month and monthly fees $ 39.99 per month (first month free of charge). There are no sales charges for each product, However, routing fees and variable closing fees are charged

For the benefit of accounts

We find that the professional account is useful for a large number of products with the assurance that these products are
Sell an investigator and not only products offered without the completion of the sale

here in this video we can compare of these types of accounts completely

Amazon Charging Tools:

These tools help to recover losses and anticipate the appropriate price of the product after calculating all different charges, and from
These tools: –
• The Amazon Calculator, which helps to calculate the fees for the Wafa Express service
Amazon “ click here 
• In addition to the auxiliary calculation and link through this link,
• Amazon  free Calculator (next link)

How to register and order from Amazon .. step by step

1-First we go to site amazon Then click on Register New Account

sign in amazon site
sign in amazon site

2-Now you are registered at Amazon We need to go to register your mailing address in your Amazonian account.

Of course, your postal address must be US because Amazon does not arrive outside of America (except for some products).

After you have received your American address (or your choice of a product that accepts shipping outside of America)

On the Amazon Home page> click on Your Account and find it as in the picture.

Amazon home page
Amazon home page

3- After that, you will see several boxes that are downloaded to the third box and written to it (Settings)

Then select Add New Address



4-Then fill in the required data


fill in required data
fill in required data

After filling in the data click on Save and continue and this message will appear telling you that your address has been successfully added ..

  your account has been succesfully added

you will find all details in this video

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