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How To Win Real Cash From PeerFly Website

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important and most popular profit sites (CPA) in the world, PeerFly Website contains a huge number of companies contracting with it, so it contains a very large number of offers that you can win large amounts of money, as the company (Peerfly)

It is considered one of the largest profitable companies of the CPA and affiliate offers, Peerfly like other CPA companies, offers many offers on CPA and the subscriber promotes them and wins the amount determined by the company for each procedure or termination of the offer.

How To Subscribe And Earn CPA From PeerFly Website

How to subscribe to PeerFly Website

This site is one of the best profit sites for CPA on this square, therefore a large number of subscribers flock to it around the clock, so the company put some difficult steps and questions that not anyone can answer.

Only those who have a background in this field and have dealt with for a long time, they will have enough experience and knowledge to answer and succeed in subscribing to this site.

The steps begin by entering the site and clicking on the “Start Earning Today” button, after that it will take you directly to write the registration form.

During the data cycle, they are going to ask you for a user name in the affiliate forum. You can enter the forum, create an account, and add your username during registration.

After that, the site will take you to the step of adding your ID card, add the photo of the card and make sure that the image is clear that it is normal and not modified so they do not think that you are a real person.

Moreover, if you face any problems while loading the ID card image, it may be because the image size is large, and you must compress the image from any website or program to compress the images.

How to activate the account on the PeerFly website

After completing registration and notice that you have registered successfully, you must wait some time for the company to review your data.

Moreover, upon completion of reviewing your data the site will send an activation message to your email.

All you have to do is enter this message and open the link inside and activate Account from it, and then you can close this page, open the site, and enter it in a natural way.

How to choose the best service on the site PeerFly

In order to be able to choose the best service available on the site and a quarter of large sums of money, there are some steps that are preferable to do, in the first steps you must enter the word (Categories).

Then you will choose the word (E-Mail & Zip Submits), and after choosing, this option will choose the country that you want to trade in its currency.

For example, if you choose the United States, the transactions will be in the dollar currency, after that.

You will appear before you all the existing offers and you must choose the best offers with the most profit rate, and when choosing the right offer for you follow the steps that will guide it you site and upon completion of the service so It was added to a safe profit on your site.

PeerFly Website
PeerFly Website

How to promote services to PeerFly

The method of promotion on this site differs from the rest of the other sites, as the method of promotion is present within the trade operations where an affiliate link will appear to you and from this link, you can link to other sites and (URL).

In addition, when anyone enters these links or the (URL) you have linked with a percentage of these visits, so you can increase your profits by choosing the best sites to use your link.

PeerFly Website
PeerFly Website
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