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Explain the HashFlare site for the mining Etherum and Bitcoin

Explain the HashFlare site for mining Ethereum and Bitcoin. In this article you can rely on the site HashFlare to invest in it with confidence and without thinking about its credibility, it is a site and a company that has been confirmed by this information, HashFlare site invests in it through the mining of Bitcoin, and Atrium as stated in the title and The former is said to be the oldest of the lithium mining before the Bitcoin despite the vast difference in value for the following reasons:

Before you start the reasons, we advise you to turn your attention and your money towards investing in archeology.

HashFlare site
HashFlare site

The reason you start Ethereum mining

  • The first reason is that Bitcoin will know the division process in half after the coding rate of 25 mg place will become after division 12.5.

that means the value of Bitcoin mining will decrease

  • The second reason is the price of the high bitcoin, which is a barrier to the buyer, but the owner of the product congratulations him but his money depends on speculation, supply, and demand.
  • The persistent cause is that the Ethereum coin is constantly evolving in a constant rise. Many experts in this field are predicting a great future for the atrium.
  • The fourth archaeological reason last month was worth $ 12 now $ 18.

Explain the HashFlare site for Ethereum mining and Bitcoin:

These are reasons that may give you a smart insight into the future of Bitcoin and Ethereum mining. Here you can conclude that decomposition is indispensable, but you must start mining the Ethereum and the figurine together, and you as an investor should take care of them together from now on.

So the site of free learning will explain to you the site of HASHFLAR registration to learn how to invest in it and mine on the two currencies together.

start the registration process on the HashFlare site:

Enter the following link and click on the register:


register Hashflare
HashFlare site
  • Emails
  • Country.
  • Password with its replay in the pro box.
  • Then click Register
    Now you are logged in, we will explain the front of the site and how you can buy Hash Power to start mining with HashFlare with the process of calculating your profits for each value Hash Bauer buys either for the Ethereum mining and Bitcoin

First, before you buy these steps you must do to modify and activate your account:

 modify and activate your account
modify and activate your account

Activate your account via email this step is very important to withdraw what you own, just click on the link and you will receive an activation message to the email you registered with.

Modifying your account Because mining is automatic, you must put the title of the Bitcoin and Ethereum Portfolio

 Bitcoin and Ethereum Portfolio
the Bitcoin and Ethereum Portfolio
  • Your personal information.
  • The title of the wallet is Bitcoin.
  • Title of the album. You can open the Ethereum portfolio from the following link:

The method of purchase in the HashFlare site and Ethereum mining

Buy Ethium Mining Contrac
Buy Ethereum mining Contrac
  • From the Buy HashRate menu select Buy Ethereum Mining Contract.
  • Select the value you want to purchase from the tape. And press Proceed

Now to complete the purchase process, choose the method you will pay either by Bitcoin or by the means of payment provided by the site

complete the purchase process
complete the purchase process
  • After the purchase, you will start mining immediately and every 24 hours you will receive the percentage of investment to your portfolio.
  • Calculate how much you will earn from your investment, and suppose you bought 10MH / s at $ 350. The price of Ethereum is $ 12.
  • Your daily profit will be $ 1.04.
  • Profit: Monthly $ 32, ie, 2 and a half.
  • The return on your investment in up to 11 months, and will be in your portfolio 30Ethereum in a year.

Perhaps you have not seen any big profit from this investment!

Yes, there is not much profit from this process, but studies say that Ethereum will have a shout like the one that happened with Betcuene in the coming years. No one knows when the price will rise but it will rise, that is, Ethereum has risen from $ 12 to $ 50. Your possession 30 Ethereum net profit is 1140 dollars, so what if it rose to 200 dollars and more? Will happen as it did in 2010 and become rich in 2016.




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