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How to Sell Bitcoins?

How to Sell Bitcoins? most popular and easiest way to sell BTC

The market of Bitcoin is very volatile.  If you want to sell your BTC, it can be quite tricky to choose the right moment and the right platform to sell it. Here are some of the ways where you should consider selling your BTC. 

On an Exchange

This is possibly the most popular and easiest way to sell BTC. Exchanges work like middlemen for those who want to buy and sell Bitcoin. After you set up an account and wallet with the BTC exchange, your bank account details have to be associated with the same. 

To be able to send Bitcoin to some other account, it is essential to have the public address of the receiver, when you can send the BTC to their account freely. 

After taking all the vital steps, a “Sell Order” can be created and the crypto money should be moved into the account of some other individual. While making all such transactions, a minor fee will be charged by the exchange who are making the transactions. In some exchanges, you can place limits on sales as well. 

Remember that you have to undergo many rigorous checks to get the identification verified and the registration of the exchange. Your account can be confirmed, and the process confirmation can take hours, days, or even weeks on the basis of the exchange of your choice. However, where the registration process takes more time, the more secure the platform is. 

Via Direct Trades

At times, you might like to be involved more in the trades that you take part in and would like to make assets. You can get more control with this method while making sales and allow you to choose the amount of BTC to sell at a specific time. One such trading platform is the bitcoin network


In order to register an account on such a platform, you have to sign up as a seller and undergo a process of identity verification – just like setting up an account on an exchange.

Once the registration process gets completed, you have to indicate that you want to sell some Bitcoins – when potential buyers might get in touch with you. After you get the notification for the approval of the interaction, you would just directly communicate with the buyer without any third-party involvement. 

In-person, Offline Sales

Direct, in-person sale of your Bitcoin is another method that you might like to go for, due to privacy reasons. It is among the simplest ways of BTC sales and can be very useful for BTC buyers not having as much time to opt for trading platforms or exchanges. 


You only need to scan a QR code through the phone of a person, when you will instantly get cash and be able to immediately purchase and sell BTC. It is an especially useful technique; in case you are planning to sell BTC to your friends or family members. 

But it can be a slightly more complicated method while dealing with individuals that you are not familiar with. You would need to negotiate with strangers regarding BTC price, where you would meet. Before you start trading, consider some other factors as well. 

P2P Trading Platforms

There is no actual or direct exchange of funds in p2p marketplaces. Rather, people with various needs are brought together by such types of exchange and accordingly managed P2P exchanges aim to mutually benefit individuals who are thinking of purchasing BTC or using the crypto for the purchase of specific items but are unable to do so in case a specific platform does not accept Bitcoin. 

The p2p marketplace brings together the needs of the two, by using people who want to purchase – to send their BTC to the former and create a functional trade for both at the same time. 

This is a fantastic system for all those who would like to purchase BTC with the help of their debit or credit cards, given that complex registration processes are not actually needed.

There are many platforms that offer P2P trades actually, on Bitcoins. 

ConclusionHow to Sell For any potential investor, the most difficult question is to consider when to sell BTC and the best platform to sell it in. You can either hold on to it for long term or sell it. If you want to regain your original investment, you can sell the Bitcoin.

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