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Top 10 Sites to Get Free YouTube Views

How to get 1k views on YouTube

YouTube has about 2 billion users every month, incredible hours of viewing every day, and a vast number of Influencers and brands. YouTube is the most popular Internet platform after Facebook for the promo.

How to promote a YouTube channel?

When you are going to have a YouTube channel, figure out your motivation and expectation. You have to understand this to continually invest energy, money, and effort into your YouTube channel.

For example, you choose to promote with YouTube channel SUV rental Seattle, so show how to rent a car. Is it useful for people who have never got Seattle cars for rent?

If you’ve just started with a channel, you’re bound to notice some “sluggishness” in your social networking audience after a while. Usually, beginners expect a flurry of subscriptions and hundreds or even thousands of likes. In reality, only a few hundred people may watch the first videos, and only a few will like them.

Get Free YouTube Views

It happens because people subconsciously perceive the channel as unprofessional or low-quality.

A quick boost of video views on YouTube will help create a presentable image of the channel. And already, in turn, is needed to achieve the following goals:

  • Gaining personal popularity.
  • Gaining the trust of subscribers.
  • Successful promotion of services and goods.
  • Cooperation with sponsors and partners.

After uploading you need to do several steps mentioned below. 

Tags and keywords

Keywords for videos are essential thing. They help people with youtube searching.

Users need to become more familiar with SEO techniques and skip this step, but it’s essential if you need your videos to attract the most viewers. Try using a keyword tool like to find the keywords that are most often searched for in the niche you want to target. For example, you type the word “marketing” into a search, and it gives you keywords that people are searching for videos on that topic.

promote a YouTube channel

Video covers

The video thumbnail that we see in the sidebar when watching the following video can bring in a lot of organic views. Use highlights, arrows, large text, and unexpected or unusual images. Cover art with the faces of the people involved in the video works great. It creates an open and trusting image. Videos with a title and a flashy cover (thumbnail) can be highly rated, even if the content isn’t exciting, because they have a higher click-through rate (CTR).

You can use free programs with ready-made options to create a cover, like Canva, Vista Creator, or Photoshop.


On YouTube, channels, where viewers spend more time, are better ranked. If users stay on your video longer than usual, it shows that your content is interesting. If you add YouTube prompts, you’ll have a recommended video feature. It will attract and keep viewers from leaving for another channel. Even if the user doesn’t want to watch the given video to the end, they will be redirected to other content and stay on your channel, increasing their rating.

The description below the video

But pay attention to this point. A few people read the description under the YouTube video carefully. Why? Because this description also helps rank YouTube videos.

It’s essential in every description (especially at the beginning of the report) to use the keywords you collected while uploading the video. It helps YouTube better understand your video and who it’s worth showing it to. So, try this with your cars for rental, describing how cool it is to use 14CARS Application while renting a vehicle.

You should add time codes to the description if your video is long. That way, users can understand what your video is about. Specify minutes, seconds, and topics; your time code will automatically be clickable.

Subscribe to this channel

Naturally, any aspiring YouTuber wants to see as many subscribers as possible. Although it’s a corny tip, it works by asking viewers to subscribe to your channel in every video and communicating with subscribers you already have.

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Do content more often

That doesn’t mean you have to post a video every day, but at least twice a week. Keep your viewers in sight so they remember you.

Try to have a regular video schedule (this helps to create a watching routine for your viewers, like Fridays and Tuesdays).

Keeping a schedule is an optional criterion, but it can work well in the long run from a purely psychological point of view.

Communicate with subscribers and maintain social media

If you’re developing your YouTube channel, your other social networks become just as important. Be active on all social networks.

Get more subscribers

Also, keep in touch with your subscribers by doing surveys, like what topic they want to see the following video on. It builds trust and helps you better know what kind of content you need to move forward with.

Websites for YouTube views for free are below

  1. Like4like
  2. Viewgrip
  3. TraffUp
  4. You like hits
  5. Add me fast
  6. Easy Hits4U
  7. Likes Planet
  8. Follow Fast
  9. Follow like
  10. Youber Up

Popular YouTube channel white promotion services (boosting) to get Top position as fast as possible

  • SmmPrime.

You will create a comprehensive promotion of your Youtube using the service and add subscribers, views, and likes to videos. In addition, the service has a unique service for adding comments.

  • Your friends.

Your friends help promote videos through cross-promotion. The YouFriends site allows finding other authors with approximately the same quantitative indicators as your channel and offering them a collaboration. In addition, the high popularity of the resource is due to its free offers. Working with the program can improve your popularity numbers and allow you to make friends with experienced authors, find potential advertisers for yourself, and practice peer-to-peer PR. Firstly, register, add your channel to the list, and look for suitable partners.

  • BossLike.

BossLike helps to get free subscribers by performing tasks from other users and earning points. You can then spend them to promote your channel. You can increase your audience faster if you buy ready-made reviews for a fee.

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