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Explanation the Binance Platform for cryptocurrency Trading step by step

The giant Binance platform is coming in the trading market. This platform has achieved great success in December 2017. It is a platform with a large number of important cryptocurrencies and most important thing that most people are looking for the platform is confident and does not activate.

Binance Platform

This platform is activated but for those who want to trade in amounts greater than 2 bitcoin. Withdrawing and depositing less than this does not require you to activate your account so it is a favorite platform for many people.

Now follow us step by step explanation of the Binance

Register on the Binance Platform

1- Your e-mail
2- The password
3. Re-type the password
4 – Enter the numbers in the picture, which are the numbers of the person who invited you to register in the platform
5. Click I agree to Binance’s Terms Of Use

And then click Register


Go to the email you registered with it. You will find the activation message for the platform Click on the link in the message.


After logging in to your account, it is preferable for any platform to do the Google Auth service. When activated, you will be given a code of 16 digits
In the case of a woman, she will regret it very much because it is difficult to retrieve it again. Only by writing support for the platform. This may result in the loss of all your money and the inability to access your account.

When you are logged on to the platform, do so
First click on the name of the site addressed to the arrow


Move this part of the image to its place


Type the code for Google tool


How Binance works

You can now identify all the portfolios for all currencies within the platform.

A wallet is your own address or code. This address is used like a phone number to send and receive currency from other people or even through you. You can transfer and transfer money from a platform to another platform.


No. 2 bitcoin available in your account inside the platform
No. 1 is equivalent to the amount of bitcoin in dollars at the moment. According to the constantly changing bitcoin rate

Each currency has two options.

  • Deposit a deposit to the platform.
  • Withdrawal is a drag from the platform.

How to know the address of any currency to transfer to it from another place.

Example: Let it be you want to buy a litecoin from someone.

  • How do you bring your address and correspondence to him?
  • Find the name of the currency whose address you want to know.
  • And click the option to either drag or deposit.
  • In this case you want to receive money so we will press Deposit.
  • Now we have the address.
  • You can send someone to send you money at this address.
  • Each currency has its own address.


From the above we have explained the platform and we had to hide and encrypt some information in images

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