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Images search in Bing is distinguished from Google search

The program manager “Minas Marchant” published in bing. Explained the practical ways to make the search engine Bing images better than the  Google images search. and the explanation is 7 points will take each of them a small summary.

Image search in Bing vs in google

7 factors make Bing the best images search engine

Understanding the Images search structure

Says Minaz, we are able to determine whether a search is about a person. Place or thing and then provide results based on that knowledge.

Large data To Images search

Bing integrates click data into images from the web and social signals in their search results. They also say Google’s image search results do not take into account. This type of data, such as user interaction, and rely only on visual and textual features.

In-depth vision

“We are able to provide a better vision of images and that vision stems from an in-depth study that simulates. The human mind in the way we see images. We use the in-depth science to help them understand real-world images to better understand images and deliver results that are more relevant to searches.

Focus on the subject

Instead of using algorithms in web search. The focus was placed on the precise intent of certain words. When searching for images on the search engine. Bing often goes to a wider topic unlike Google. Which determines the search for images with specific algorithms.

Similar and nearby duplicates

Bing says they can filter duplicate images and close images better than Google, giving Google the edge over search.

Watch at a glance

Bing says it’s best to show “multiple images at a glance instead of digging and navigating through web pages to find the image”. And Bing does so while Google does not.

High quality Images

Bing shows the user a full-quality image after the first click rather than having to access it through multiple pages to get the best image quality. They go so far as to say that the Bing algorithm favors high-quality images. And this is what distinguishes them from Google in their opinion.

From my point of view, Google images is still the best in image searches. I’ve compared several searches. Google has outperformed it in a very convincing way, but as a site manager, you always have to work on Bing (Google) together. Do not just make your site searchable and try to take advantage of the Bing boom as much as possible. At the same time, do not neglect to modify your site to match Google’s algorithms.


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