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top important steps to avoid mistakes in Affiliate marketing

So many people focus on certain aspects of Affiliate Marketing ,, but there is more people making a little mistakes in Affiliate marketing business which costing them money and ruining their reputation . Today we will taking about 4 big mistakes affiliate marketers must avoid to make better affiliate marketing business .

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

Mistakes  in Affiliate Marketing MUST Avoid ..

1- No Email List 

So the first mistake I see so many people making they don’t have an email list they have never decided to build one why as far as from from my understanding and from my past experiences why you don’t create an email list because you don’t see the value in it you don’t see the point in the very beginning until you actually create an email list you will not see the value in it an email list is so important because you can email those people over and over and over and over again and you can sell them using the same product maybe different products maybe you can give them a little bit of an upsell you can give them a pre-sale .

the solve : 

an email list is very important now you do not need a website to create an email list you just don’t now there are apps that you can use actually on Facebook that you can put a mail you can put an opt-in on your page and people can actually subscribe your email list through Facebook you can also get websites created that are very easy they cost very little money and they make it so easy for people to go sign up get all your content and then you know they’re happy you’re happy and then hopefully you’ll start making money so the first thing I recommend is if you don’t have an email list start creating one now the email provider that I like to use it’s actually called convertkit I didn’t start out using them actually started out using Aweber and then I went over to the MailChimp then it went over to Constant Contact .


2- Not testing Products 

Not testing Products , that I see so many people making which I used to do this in the very beginning I did two or three times I’ll remember exact coming here sometimes I would promote products that I never tried now it’s not necessarily the product it’s more of a service or if you’re buying a if you’re promoting a guide I make sure that you at least check it out either gift of the person that owns it to send you a review copy or you buy it yourself don’t promote it to your audience to your loyal followers if you’ve never actually read the guide tried the product or try the service make sure you try it first so I want to kind of follow up with that by saying that if it’s a product on Amazon obviously you’re not going to go and buy every single product that you are promoting in most cases you’re at least going to promote products that have a good review if they don’t have a good review you need to figure out why they don’t have a good review

3- Too Many Promotions 

So I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen and I’ve actually subscribed to their email list and what happens they send me just too many promotions so I buy this buy that buy that again and that and that map and now go buy my product I don’t want to see that all the time and that’s a mistake I see so many  people making stick to a core group of products or services that you recommend for me personally I recommend a bunch of products on Amazon that I’ve personally tried that I actually like it you probably seen them here on my you tube channel he goes on my website you’ll see that I promote a bunch of different stuff but I’m not going not saying you need to go buy this and that just if I am talking about a product I might recommend it and when I recommend it usually I put a link I don’t recommend that product


I usually do not put a link that is how you know if I actually want you to buy the product because I think it’s a quality product or I’m just mentioning it as you’re kind of passing through okay so if you are trying to get into affiliate marketing and you want to actually make a living or a substantial amount of income from it don’t promote every single product Under the Sun yes as you you know you create more and more lists as you create a bigger following you will probably have more kind of product services .

4- Getting traffic from only one Source

if you guys don’t know I 100 ‘s of websites and back before Google did the whole Panda update so back in 2000 I don’t know nine ten eleven somewhere around there they did a whole panda update which completely change the algorithm on Google what happened really change the algorithm to change the the ranking factors in all this anyway what happened was a lot of my sites that I created they’re all Affiliate marketing  sites what happened was as soon as that Panda update hit the web sites went from you maybe a setter spot one two or three in Google and dropped all the way out of maybe the top five or ten pages because that update just completely kills a lot of my websites well that was my one traffic source what does their gonna do .

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