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Friendz Digital Marketing launches the initial sale of ICO cryptocurrency

Friendz is a new ICO cryptocurrency designed specifically to link brands and their products to their customers. Using Blockchain technology this time.

Friendz is ICO cryptocurrency

What is Friendz?

Friendz is an innovative decentralized online platform designed specifically to create a revolution in digital marketing. Then It relies on a variety of effective marketing tools and uses plucin technology.

Therfor It’s a global network with a wide range of users (about 200,000) worldwide. It has set a world record with a profit rate of around € 500,000 in just 18 months from the start date. The company started its business in 2016 with a team of about 35 members from different backgrounds. And has provided outstanding services to about 200 multinational brands in the world. Its three main delivery centers are located in Milan, Madrid and Rome.

How does Friendz work?

The main thrust of this platform is to establish a link between major brands and target audiences. This platform offers digital marketing services in a new advertising format. The Friendz user community is responsible for creating and validating content. That is, platform users create content for products they like or are interested in and share with their social networks for rewards.

The platform uses plucchin technology, which will make the bonus and verification processes automatic. The company also plans to provide products and services enhanced with the technology of the Future Blockin to develop its business.

Main features of the Friendz platform:

  • Is a platform that relies on its users to provide high quality B2B and B2C services to its customers.
  • It conducts periodic advertising campaigns for the company.
  • Mainly focus on the customer satisfaction aspect.
  • Provide different rewards to users, as an encouragement and motivation for them.
  • Use a powerful marketing strategy that is social media.
  • It has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.
  • Engage the user daily by performing a variety of fun campaigns to attract users, as well as brand campaigns.

Core processes on the Friendz platform:

Key processes in Friendz include:

  • Create content (videos, photos, Instagram stories)
  • Share content created in social media.

Details of FDZ codes and initial sale campaign ICO:

The company will issue its own currency, namely Friendz Coin, which is referred to as FDZ, and is based on the ERC20.

The company says its currency “will bring benefits to everyone: customers will be able to access all services that require community involvement in social media; they will also be used in the rewards scheme.”

Once established, the FDZ currency will be distributed as follows:

  • The total number that will be issued from the currency 1,500,000,00FDZ
  • Ico – 50%
  • Reserve Fund – 20%
  • Partners – 11%
  • Counselors – 7%
  • Liquidity Fund – 5%
  • Project Team – 5%
  • Rewards -2%

The currencies that have not been sold will be destroyed.
The initial sale of ICO will begin on March 1, 2018 and will end on March 20, 2018.

Bonus Details:

  • The rate of reward offered in the first hour of ICO is 40%
  • The bonus offered on the first day of Ico is 20%
  • Bonus rate offered in the first week of Ico is 10%
  • The bonus rate offered in Week 2 and 3 of the Ico is 0% (without bonus).

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