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Top 3 Tips to get faster results in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a simply way to make money online without any efforts . but it needs clever and experience so I will present to you Top 3 Tips to get faster results in affiliate marketing

We’re crushing any promotion that we that we put our hands on look any product , we want to promote right we’re absolutely dominating not , because we’re somebody special or you know , or have some kind of magical abilities . It’s simply because we approach the whole marketplace from a different angle . okay here’s how we do it very very simple I’m going to Jordan draw this out it’s three steps okay , but you need to understand the key important element .

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

Steps to get faster results in affiliate marketing

The First Step

What do we need ? okay we need a product to promote don’t we very simply anybody can understand this . we need a product to promote okay , so I have a product to promote now I’m going to assume . you might already have a product to promote , if you don’t have a product to promote . I’ll tell you this you want to promote products that are in high demand .

There’s a lot of different places you can go to like , for example quick bang okay Clickbank has hundreds of thousands of products that you can promote as an affiliate marketing. right you can drive traffic to the product and that’s what a lot of people are doing , but that’s also why a lot of people are failing .

Now you can join a network marketing company direct sales company , or you can promote your own product right it doesn’t matter you can be selling pens the markers ., but you need to have a product that is in high demand okay in the industry that’s on the uprise make sense . so if you’re promoting a product that is not in high demand , and it’s in the industry that’s not really big or it’s not booming you might want to reconsider , because this is going to be important piece of your view or your formula okay make sense right now I have a product .

The Second Step

Most people will say right most affiliates what’s happening . well , they’ll say you know what if you got a product you just need to send traffic to the product , right and that’s what a lot of people doing that’s why 94% of people on the internet are making less than $100 a month , you don’t want to send traffic to the product never ever send traffic directly to the product , you want to send traffic to something called a system .

If product is your vehicle it might be that Tesla you want , or BMW or you know , the Mercedes or you know whatever your dream car is , imagine your product being a vehicle okay just a means to an end . now if that in that metaphor your system will be the engine for that vehicle make sense .

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing


The Third Step

What we need is the right traffic , okay and I want to talk to you a little bit about , that now have you seen this being taught in the marketing world probably have . if you’ve been you know in the marketing space for any period of time pretty much .  Now what’s the system  ?  Well a system is something  that captures your you know you sent , so the formulas like this you send traffic . okay to the system and then typically what people will say . you know the system usually promotes the product , whatever it is that you promote it right wrong .

Let me tell you what we do that allows us to dominate any promotion , like product is important but it’s kind of irrelevant . Now we don’t promote any products that we don’t believe in right . we promote great products by great companies world-class companies that are super high demand .

I’m going to walk you through some of those and the products got to be great , okay but there’s a lot of people who will promote anything just to make a buck , and I don’t recommend that okay. Now stay with me here here’s a big caveat here this is a formula that the masses are using , and they don’t understand how to do it properly .

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