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For Bitcoin Miners, it is no longer profitable to create the cryptocurrency

For Bitcoin Miners, it is no longer profitable to create the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin became one of the most popular cryptocurrency around the world. Bitcoin mining is the process by which transactions are in verification and adding to the public ledger, known as the blockchain. But there is a bad new for bitcoin miners. This is that the cryptocurrency creation is no longer to be profitable.

No longer profitable to creat the cryptocurrency for Bitcoin Miners by some estimates 

It is no longer profitable to creat the cryptocurrency for bitcoin miners. Also bitcoin fell to a point where it is no profitable to create according to some estimates. Furthermore bitcoins trades essentially at the break even cost of mining a bitcoin at $8.038. Fundstrat’s model combines three things. These three things are the cost of equipment, electricity, and maintaining cooling facilities. The cryptocurrency trade has $8,000 on Thursday 15 March 2018. This is according to CoinDesks’s bitcoin price index, which it has prices from four major global exchange.


Bitcoin Miners
Bitcoin Miners


The process of cryptocurrency mining 

Bitcoin creation is through mining process. This mining process uses high computing power to solve a complex mathematical equation. Then miners have a minted bitcoin as a reward for completing the equation in a successful way. While many miners are in a race for packaging up the latest block of bitcoin transactions, and adding them to the bitcoin’s blockchain. If bitcoin creation cost exceeds the reward, miners lose incentive.

Cryptocurrency Mining companies to be more profitable


Bitcoin Miners
Bitcoin Miners

Blockchain Intelligence Group co-founder and president talk concerning  the miners

Shone Anstey, Blockchain Intelligence Group co-founder and president talked about the miners. He said that the miners may turn off the machines till the price returns. Also he said that the miners can be getting to the point that many of them may be losing money. Today bitcoin mining requires custom hardware. This custom hardware can cost several hundreds to a few thousand dollars. Such as much technology, always more efficient equipment is coming out. The need to regularly replace equipment accounts for more than half mining cost.  Electricity assumption costs is 6 cents per kilowatt in an hour, and other expanses to be at the break even estimate of $8,038.

The roughly halve in miner’s earnings

There is a rough halve in miner’s earnings this month from December because of  a surge of interest in Bitcoin mining. Also there is another source of revenue for miners. It has dropped under 50 cents from as high as $34 in late December. In traditional commodities like gold while it equals its production cost. Some speculators consider that as a clue it may be near a bottom as supply eases. Bitcoin may be in more complication because of the cost of mine. Also the cost of mine is still in a wide vary all over the world because of the different costs in electricity.

Bitcoin mining market in China

In bitcoin mining market in China, miners can have very cheap electricity production from hydropower. The rule of thumb to have the ability to compete with miners in China. To have this ability it must have electricity costs of 4 cents or less per kilowatt in an hour. Also the miners in China have the stimulant to produce bitcoin regardless of cost. This allows them to send money all over the world, and evade capital controls in the government.


The relationship between the energy costs of the Bitcoin mining and the Bitcoin price





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