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Most Affiliate terms that it face you in Affiliate and profit from internet

As a person working in the Affliate, you will encounter some

 affiliate terms that may be difficult to understand and respond to

in some cases

the following is a list of these words and tabs used by companies in the sites and sites of Affiliate education and other relevant to this field generous offers and profits.

affiliate terms
affiliate terms

 list of affiliate terms used in the field of affiliate and profit from the Internet


A visitor’s Affiliate, for example, registers or purchases a product or service or downloads a program.


is the party or company or rather the owner of an offer selling a product or service, you will promote it and take a commission after someone buys it or records it, the action principle that I have explained before


A person or entity that earns each action by an individual. For each activity of this customer, you take a conversion rate, for example, 20% of the price of the product, or you earn a total amount between $ 0.1 and $ 5, It is general.

Affiliate Manager:

Is the manager of your account who is following you in each company you subscribe to.
It is worth mentioning that the account manager is a very important element of success in the marketing of offers, having a good relationship with him you can get a lot of important information and assistance and obtain approvals to market special offers

Affiliate Link:

Link to the advertiser or the technical term Affiliate, this link directs the visitor to the advertiser’s display page.

Affiliate Program:

Also called a partner system or a profit-sharing system, in this system the companies are rewarded by the publishers such as you after the registration of visitors in the pay-per-lead or after buying a product or service pay-per-sale. 

You can find individuals and companies selling their products through the Affiliate Program

Affiliate Software:

is a program for tracking and management of special campaigns Avileit companies are used to check the links of the elephants of the publishers and tracking the proportion of pressure on advertisements and offers operations operations that earns also publishers such as Lead, Salles and even payment to members and other operations … When you open your account in an affiliate company  such as,, or other opelite companies, you will find the controle pannel, the Paying method, and … All the features, statistics, services and tabs in front of you are all: Affiliate Software.


A commission is charged to you after someone subscribes to a mailing list or buys a product or service from the owner of the advertisement you placed on your site. May range from $ 0.10 to $ 5 for lead offerings or between 10% and 75% for sales of products or services.

Examples of top affiliates companies I advice with

Clickbank: The largest company offering electronic products is very famous and has one of the largest rates of up to 75 percent

commision junction: The largest elephant network in the world, hundreds of thousands of products of various kinds such as utensils, clothes, … Read more …

azoogle secret : the largest availite company specializing in cpa is great and there are many who make thousands of dollars, but I have no contact but they have a good reputation

paydotcom : can be used for one reason is that you can not paypal pay to pay for hosting companies and buy scripts … This company can  use because it pays directly and without the complexity of paypal and Hkda I get an income to cover the rest of my needs on the net

list of affiliates companies
list of affiliates companies

Things you must avoid while regester in these companies 

  • Do not  register with a username  looks like your name, nickname, artist name, or any understandable name.


  • Choose the product or item here My dear brother is a lot in the problem

any company when you search for the product give you some

information on it as your proportion that takes place after the sale

and here the majority.

all take products large proportions 50/100 or 60/100 or 75/100

companies give you statistics about the percentage of sales that

should give great importance.

There are two products  I rate 75/100 and 40/100.

the first sold in the last period 10 times and the second sold in the last period 200 Once !! Whichever you choose

  • Choose a product

You do not have to choose a product you do not know at all, but choose the product you like


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