The most Google search alternatives Privacy

I’ll show you the most google search alternatives privacy should know that could replace. As you all know for doing a web search, google is the most popular search engine in the world.

google Search Alternatives

If you’re concerned with google keeping track of your search history not happy with their search results or looking for a change of scenery. You should know about these alternatives.

The most popular google Search Alternatives

1- DuckDuckGo


First up is DuckDuckGo which is open source and one of the fastest growing search engines on this list. DuckDuckGo is considered among the Google search alternatives. If you’r concerned about privacy this is a favorite of many people they don’t collect any of your browsing history. Google since they don’t collect your information it means they can’t sell your information. Sothey emphasize your turning the best results using over 400 individual sources including crowd-sourced sites such as Wikipedi and from search engines like being and Yahoo. DuckDuckGo dogpile is a meta search engine since in 1995. It fetches results from several popular search engines including Google and Bing. You’ve done a search a different search types for images video news and shopping. This search engine can be tested here DuckDuckGo

How to use DuckDuckGo

2- Start Page | IX quick

Start Page | IX quick

Start page is another search engine like DuckDuckGo that is focused on privacy. It has a sister site known in other parts of the world as IX quick. IX quick is considered among the Google search alternatives. I can tell though the same search engine with different URLs. They collect none of your user details you can set your own preferences.  It even offers other search enhancing features as well including a proxy service,URL generator and supports SSL. The other search options for images videos and advanced search are located in the upper left corner. This search engine can be tested here Start Page | IX quick

How to use Start Page | IX quick

3- Bing


Bing is another one to consider if you’re concerned about privacy. Bing launched in 2009 and is owned by the tech giant Microsoft. It’s now the second largest search engine in the United States. Being also powers Yahoo who’s search engine so adding to this list. The nicest home page of any search engine with an ever changing background. Then they also offer a rewards program for doing searches with Bing. That is only available in the United States if you’re looking for an alternative to Google and you don’t care about privacy. So bing is a solid choice Creative Commons search allows you to find photos music and video easily. That we can use commercially although technically not a search engine. I thought it would be useful for some of you out there running your own websites blogs or even YouTube channels. This search engine can be tested here Bing

How to use Bing

4. Tor


If you’re looking for something more complex and private, you might think of the Tor browser, that name is a shortcut to “The Onion Router”, which is very common among computer circles.
So the Tor project describes itself as a “cloaking network.” Which means that privacy is its primary goal, and the company logo contains onions. Then it is more than just a cute cartoon. Where Tor uses an advanced coding program that acts like onion layers. Making it practically impossible for someone to track your online moves. Also Tor promotes your communications through a global network. This is a major obstacle for anyone trying to find your actual site.

How to use Tor

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