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A Clickbank affiliate website

A Clickbank affiliate, in the first we will talk about concepts of ClickBank

and Affiliate Marketing.

Firstly, A Clickbank is a retail marketplace where digital products are selling them.

They have thousands of ebooks in different categories available.

Above all, Some of Clickbank’s popular marketplace categories are Business / Investing, Arts

and Entertainment, Computers / Internet, Health and Fitness, Parenting, Cooking /

Food, Games, Software and Software, etc.

Mostly ebooks will focus on how to fix an issue like losing weight, repairing your

Xbox, walking your dog, etc.

Secondly, Affiliate Marketing is a kind of marketing, We sell the product of other people and receive a commission for each sale generated by our affiliate link.

Suppose I’m promoting online gaining money guide through my blog and that guide’s

cost is $ 50.

Its vendor gives its affiliates a commission of 50 per cent.

So for every sale through my affiliate link for this guide, I’m going to make $ 25.

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A Clickbank affiliate 

Sign up 

Go to the website of and create an affiliate link by clicking on the

Affiliates section’s Sign – Up link.

on the other hand, Complete all the information you need and click the Submit button.

Once your affiliate account has been approved, You are eligible with your affiliate

program to make money.

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How to make money on Clickbank with affiliate website?

There are Two ways to make money with ClickBank.

Firstly, you can use the Clickbank marketplace to create your own products and sell them.

To list your product in their marketplace, you need to create a vendor account.

You can set your product pricing with a vendor account and how much you are

preparing to pay to the affiliate to sell your copies of your product.

In this case, the Clickbank team will handle most of the technical challenges.

Assume that your product is sold through an affiliate, Clickbank credits the specified amount automatically to the respective affiliate account, and the rest of your account will be credited.

Secondly,  Clickbank’s second way of making money is to work as an affiliate to promote

products list in its marketplace.

There can be many reasons for choosing the second option Like you don’t have the

know – how to create an ebook killer or you don’t have the time or resources to

manage all at the vendor level.

In conclusion, It’s better to start making money with Clickbank for an affiliate option.

So start making money as a Clickbank affiliate program,

Don’t forget You must sign up with them for an affiliate account.

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