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8 steps to create a blog on blogger

To create a blog on blogger, Read this article.

Here we will explain that for you to achieve top benefit from your contents that will publish in your blog.

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Create a blog on blogger

8 steps to create a blog on blogger

Our E-helper team site would like you to be familiar with this. so know the steps below:  

  1. Go to Blogger homepage and then click sign in.
sign in
sign in

 After that Enter your Gmail username and password.

If you don’t have an account with Google, don’t click sign in but click on “Create your blog”.

You will move on a page to create a Gmail account to use it with blogger.

2. Enter Display Name. “The name of the display is the name by which your readers will know ” and then click “Continue to Blogger”.

Continue to Blogger
Continue to Blogger

3. Choose “Create New Blog”.

Create New Blog
Create a New Blog

4. For your blog, specify a title and URL.

If this is not available try other name variations you’d like to use until the “True Mark” indicated by a circle appears in the picture shown, but don’t use any symbols such as underscores, hyphens, and colons.

Then specify Template.

Click the “Create Blog”.

Create Blog
Create a Blog

5. Choose Theme.

You will find it on the left side of the page near the bottom of the menu.

This allows you to customize your blog’s look, over and above the elements in the starter template.

Select how the design can be customized. If you want guided choices, and then choose Customize.

But if you’re wanting a better user, Click the Edit HTML button.



6. Click on Settings. In the case of you want to change the language or add a language, set whether your blog is included in the results of the search engine and whether you’re ready to receive emails.

  1. From settings, click Basic and then add author.

as shown in the picture.

add authors
add authors

You can add other contributors to the blog from this setting until the burden of writing is not to you alone.

8. Finally, In settings, Choose Posts, comments and sharing.


by it, You can adjust whether or how your blog is shared across the blogger platform, and adjust also publishing and comments.

Source: Support Google

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