A guide to getting Google News approval

For Getting Google News approval, you must be attention about some points by reading our articles on our website (E-helper team) you will do that.

A guide to getting Google News approval

Fundamental principles

If you want your web site getting approval from google news, you should execute fundamental principles for Special Google services for webmasters, read as follows:

1- In order to guarantee an excellent user experience, in short, you should design your pages on your websites.

2- Concentrate on users and also avoid designing search engines only.

3- Do not mislead your customers in any manner, such as misrepresenting or hide you or also your website’s data.

4- Make sure that your site offers customers a distinctive value.

5- Avoid any activity aimed at tricking the search engines which offer to you the good ranking.

Getting Google News approval: Avoid do these Guidelines

1- Automatically generate content.

2- Use of hidden text or also links to ranking manipulate.

3- Redirects sneaky, by redirecting users to a URL that’s distinct from the one they’ve been trying to visit.

4- Sending to Google unauthorized automated queries.

5- Abuse markup of rich snippets such as using it to conceal user information.

6- Cloaking, which includes the display of special content to search engine and users.

7- Creating non-original content pages.

8- To construct more links, in short use connection systems.

9- Stuffing with keywords.

10- Doorway pages, which can lead to poor experience of the user.

11- Content or software distribution, in short, This involves harmful behaviour.

12- Publishing jammed or also large content just to boost your site’s amount of pages. Promote affiliate links blatantly.

13- create content for consumers without much importance.

Do these good Guidelines (Important Tips)

Follow good practices continuously, as follows:

Controlling your website’s hacking, then remove any hacked content form quickly.

Prevents spam generated by users, and also you should remove any that appears on your website quickly and continuously.

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