5 points may cause of not appear google ads

We will explain why not appear google ads by telling you some points which may cause of happening that, all of these we will see in this article on our site E-helper Team.

5 points may cause of not appear google ads

1- Issues Billing may cause of not appear google ads

In short, When you run a campaign and google will pause your advertisements on your credit card.

If your payment is declined, your campaigns will be stopped as well.

2- Site Settings

In short, There are Highly targeted from paid search campaigns,

if your advertisements appear outside your destination,

Your site settings need to adjust.

In general, advertisers forget to adjust their target setting to,

People in my targeted place and go to the default, ‘ individuals looking for or showing interest in my targeted place. ‘

3- Keywords

Due to bad results, keywords also often pause.

It may be as simple as a paused keyword if your ads don’t show up.

You can always filter everything you want from a key word such as active, paused and removed and check to see if at some stage it was removed.

The history of change can be used to see how long the keyword has been paused.
Labels serve a purpose of importance and can be a fast reminder as to why you first paused a keyword.

Source: Keyword (Wikipedia)

4- Low Search of volume

In short, Not all keywords similarly search, and that’s another reason why you don’t see your advertisements.

If your keyword has a small amount of search status, It will not appear on the results section of the search.

An ad cannot trigger by tight niche or also long tail keywords even if that word bid by an advertiser.

5- Keywords or Ads disapproved

In short, Google has a number of guidelines and by-laws about you can and can’t advertise.

Your ad may not appear because of a keyword or ad, which rejects one of their policies infringement.

For anything that gets disapprove, you will see a pop-up warning.

By swinging over the bubble of speech on the offending keyword or announcement,

Finally, You can recognize the reason for the disapproval and fix it to ensure that your keywords and advertisements are running.

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