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TripAdvisor Affiliate Program is the way to achieve the benefit to blog

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program is one of Best travel affiliate programs.

So let’s know how to achieve the benefit to blog by their affiliate program.

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

When you press on link as the above image, you’re going to be brought to the affiliate page.

TripAdvisor has a partnership with the Junction of Commission to provide an integrated and user-friendly affiliate program for all its subsidiaries.

To become a member of TripAdvisor,

You must sign up as a publisher with Commission Junction.

Some basic information about your site/blog will be request to be provide during the login process.

It is a pretty simple method and in one to three working days, your affiliate account will be approve.

– Dashboard Affiliate

In short, Upon approval of your affiliate account, all the necessary instruments will give you access to your own affiliate dashboard to create affiliate connections and establish advertising codes for banners, badges, logos and widgets.

– Text Links

In short, There are hundreds of affiliate text links in the affiliate dashboard.

You can turn it into ‘ hyperlinks ‘ or link to your site picture.

The links can be found in HTML, Javascript and Choose URL format.

The possibility to encrypt is also available, hide your code for monitoring and set the links in the fresh windows of the browser, everything from the dashboard.

You can also filter your links according to type, category of advertising, language, country advertiser and several other parameters.

Source: Wired

– Deep Links

In short, Deep affiliate links to any TripAdvisor website, including different offers, can be also generate from your affiliate dashboard.

In order to do so, you must press ‘ TripAdvisor International Deep Link’ as shown in the image below:

Now the URL to which the code is to be generate needs to be enter.

Let’s say that you want an in-depth connection for any place on hotels.

You can do this by typing in the target URL field the URL of that site and click on the button “Update Code.”, as shown in the image below:

– Banners

In short, TripAdvisor has a range of conventional banner dimensions and shapes available to all its subsidiaries.

In addition to the different normal filter choices on your dashboard, Banners based on size can also be filter.

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

Once the suitable banner has been chosen, you can show it anywhere to you like on your website by pasting the banner code.

– TripAdvisor Affiliate Program: Widgets

In short, You will find 3 widget alternatives, i.e. TripAdvisor.
Hotel Search Widget, Hotel & Flight Combined Search Widget and Air Search.

By clicking on the link of the widget which appears in the image below, you can readily get the widget code:

TripAdvisor Affiliate ProgramAnywhere on your site, you can create the widget.

If you want the widget to appear inside your article and are using WordPress, in the ‘ Text Editor ‘ field, you can add the code:

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

After entering the code in the region of ‘Text Editor’, the widget starts to appear instantly.

Source: CSO online

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