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introduction and definition of affiliate program how to start the affiliates

here we will speake about Affiliate program how to start the affiliates and Several skills depend on the choice of the appropriate product and then presented in the best suit and then be able to

affiliate marketing product for a specific company for a commission on every sale of this product and the product can be material, for example, medical or similar products may be Internet services, such as hosting companies, most of them offer an affiliate service for commission on each participant participating through your site or your way by any means Either e-mail or any other means and of course there are several ways in marketing the product we will address it, God willing, in the coming explanations

 what is Affiliate program

the owner of the product to market develope Affiliate program its product and is a subscription to the program simply as registration of your name and some information about you to start the marketing process also contains the terms of marketing and agreement between the owner of the product and the marketer and must agree, of course who wants to market the product to this agreement and read it So as not to expose to mistakes that deprive him of his profit and tirein marketing this product

Affiliate program is the fastest way to profit from the Internet it is speed and cost of the large and requires
Several skills depend on the choice of the appropriate product and then presented in the best suit and then be able to

A simple example:

a hosting company to reserve sites at $ 100 a year give you for every person who registers in their company and book a $ 30 site for example whether you booked this person for a year or 10 years important that he register on your way and registration on your way simply be through your link You get it when you register in the company’s service to the company, of course, each company has its own ways, there are companies that give a certain percentage for each registration and other companies give a fixed amount is not a proportion and companies give you every month a certain amount .. etc., depending on the service in the company

The owners of the product to marketed are called Merchants

The people who market the product are called Affiliates

Most Affiliate terms that it face you in Affiliate and profit from internet

how to start the affiliate

To start this project you must reserve a web host to place your own site and buy a name for that domain.

– You build your own profit site from the elfite so that it fits your project idea (what you want to shop for)!

– After building the appropriate site for the idea .. Look for a suitable applet program … And about the type of suitable afliet !!! And I mean that the Avalite types, Valavliet is to win a commission because you are marketing someone else’s product

Affiliate program
Affiliate program

 marketing can be more than type:

1. Profit from sales … You earn money when someone buys through you … through your link

2. Profit from other operations .. You win money when any person enters through you to the site that is marketing to him … and then perform certain operations … There are companies that will win you money when only one person to enter them … And there are companies pay if anyone enters and Registration on their site …

3. The next step is to participate in your chosen Elite program and choose a suitable product for the idea of ​​your project to market it.

4 – After choosing the product .. Put your link (your link) in a suitable place in your site, whether this code is a picture or plain text … It is important to be suitable for your site


Choose the best company, the best product and the method of registration in the company and what should  you avoid when registering

types of affiliates
types of affiliates


First:  We must distinguish between many types of offers and the quality of these offers
They differ from one company to another … There are companies that offer one offer and there are companies offering
Many of them

ppl: This demo is intended to bring visitors or members of a site to register or hold
From him a book or program or write a subject and this type of offers its return remains limited means
Starts with a few cents and reaches $ 1 or $ 2 per referral and there are some companies that
The offer is more than $ 20 or $ 25 per referral, but it is special for residents in America

ppc: or cpc and this does not need to explain it is known to everyone and here you have to do is to wait
From your visitor to click on the link to win your percentage

pps: This type of promotion is aimed at promoting different products offered on your site and whenever
I was able to sell it and take advantage of the process …  I think this is the most important offer between the three and is the most difficult
that is what we will try to address in the rest of the subject, God willing


And so ended the site of the affiliate you will win it … And remains the most important step is to bring visitors, the large numbers of visitors


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