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Clickbank for affiliates Let’s get started now

A Clickbank for affiliates is extremely important so let’s know how to create an account, the place which we find the affiliate links and more of that here. 

Clickbank for affiliates

In the context, ClickBank is an internet dealer who is used to process transactions and pay for your subsidiaries by thousands of product owners around the globe.

The market place of Clickbank includes goods from various niches.

You will first need a ClickBank account to support these products so that they can monitor your sales to you and pay for your fees.

You will be able to connect to any such products and receive huge commissions when someone buys the item by clicking on your link once your Click bank account has been set up.

Here is how the Clickbank account can be created:

1 – Go to the website of ClickBank

2- Choose Create account.

In short, at the top right of this page,

Click on Menu then “Create Account.”

Clickbank for affiliates

3- Enter your information

In short, Click on “Create Account”,

it will then bring you to the section below where all your private information will be entered.

Three steps are necessary to register,

which requires that you enter your personal information, information about banking and accounts.

clickbank for affiliates
Clickbank for affiliates


Once you enter your details in the section “Banking”,

make sure you read and agree to the terms and conditions of the customer contract.

Once that has been done, Fulfill the challenge of ReCAPTCHA.

4- Send Your Registration Account

In short, After completing the data you want in all parts, click “submit.”
A customer survey such as the one below will appear when you have completed this.
Complete this and click on “Submit Survey.”

5- Check your Email

In short, Complete creation of your account,

A confirmation link to the email address you entered in Step 3 is sent to you by ClickBank.

To verify your address, simply press on the link to verify the creation of your account.

Source: pace dm

Affiliate links

Now, if you want ClickBank products to be promoted, you will need an affiliate link.

This is the only URL (Hoplink), that you offer on your list to subscribers, to go and purchase the item that you are promoting, visitors on your blog or any platform you use.

ClickBank can monitor if this distinctive URL is available or the customer did not purchase the product via your link.
You may access it from a JV page of vendor subsidiaries or from ClickBank directly.

Get JV one via a Total Money Magnetism affiliate’s JV page using Clickbank affiliate.

Go to the home page of the goods (products).

Click on ‘ affiliates ‘ and then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

clickbank for affiliates
Clickbank for affiliates

It will then bring me to a website where you must register for the affiliate program of Total Money Magnetism to access my affiliate links.

You only have to enter your full name, ClickBank ID, if you’ve got your own email address and website.

Clickbank for affiliates
Clickbank for affiliates

Once registered, then you can access the resource affiliate page.

This page provides with a lot of cool resources to promote Clickbank products.

It has things such as e-mail swipes, banners and photos.

All you need to do is scroll down to locate affiliate link and find the area where links appear.

Please note that for separate sales websites you will have separate links.

One page for the video sales and one page for a letter, etc.

One for the page of video sales and one for a sales letter, etc.

You must put your User ID where it tells to put for this special offer.

IMPORTANT of Clickbank for affiliates:

In short, The way you receive your affiliate links can vary,

some people might ask you to enter your ID, and instead, you will create the links.

However, don’t worry, you’ll end up with the same affiliate links.

You now have your own links, it is time for product promotion.

According to your approach,

make sure you use your link every time to redirect individuals to the sales page for the item.

If you can’t, ClickBank will not be able to monitor your sale that means your commission doesn’t get you.

Source: Clickbank

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