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Affiliate with Aliexpress – Create an account & Start Now

Affiliate with Aliexpress - Create an account

Let’s look at the affiliate with the Aliexpress program and see how it operates. firstly we will make an account and then will complete explaining that.

There is no difference between the AliExpress affiliate and any other affiliate program out there.

This is an additional bonus for shippers who with AliExpress dropshipping can gain 8 percent over their already established profits margin.

Affiliate with Aliexpress

The AliExpress affiliate is the same as any other affiliate program.
A unique link to AliExpress products is given and you can begin to promote this connection to get a commission on every item sold.
The prices vary according to product kind.
Some goods even pay up to 50% of the fee for each purchase.

You can, therefore, do a competition with the affiliate program AliExpress.


1- Get a profit with an AliExpress affiliate because at least 8.5% of the AliExpress affiliate’s commission is available for sale.
2- Worldwide, there are AliExpress ships.
3- 30 days of AliExpress cookies.


1- It requires a long time for shipping.
2- It’s not like Amazon AliExpress, or eBay is trusted.
3- It requires 2-3 days to update affiliate reporting.

Why select an affiliate with Aliexpress?

In short, the affiliate program Aliexpress is one of the marketers ‘ ultimate revenue generators.

In 2016 the affiliate program AliExpress paid more than $100,000 a month to top vendors of $200,000 each month.

Other online retailer website such as Amazon has also offered the affiliate program.

Nevertheless, Aliexpress is much better off than Amazon.
Some interesting facts on Aliexpress, such as the following:

– Aliexpress provides nearly all you can think about, more than 130,000 vendors active, this service provides purchasers from over 200 nations & regions.

– Most Aliexpress vendors give free delivery, however, shipping requires 30-40 days.
In order to cater to that moment, many vendors give e-packages, reducing the time to 15-20 days at a low cost.

Source: Alexa

Sign up to affiliate with Aliexpress

In short, It is quite simple to sign up for an AliExpress affiliate.
It only requires a couple of minutes to get an AliExpress affiliate account and get a commission on the sale of products.

To register as an affiliate of AliExpress,

1- Go to the website of AliExpress.
2- Down at the bottom click “Affiliate Program”.
3- Complete the data
4- Choose Register then create an account.

You now have an AliExpress affiliate account.

On your site, blog, social media profile, or wherever you wish, you can begin promoting products.

AliExpress gives you an API to encourage products, you can use it.

You will receive a commission for each sale produced from your distinctive affiliate link.


The plugin is an AliPartnership Website WordPress plugin.

This plugin facilitates the addition of links to blogs and stores for all subsidiaries.


It enables you to import and sell your required goods in your own shop.

You can also configure the product to add your referral link to all of the links of AliExpress on the website automatically.

So you will assist to improve your profitability if you want to gain cash from the affiliate program using the plugin.

It automates most of the simplest tasks for you so that you can concentrate on product marketing and promotion.

The plugin costs 69 dollars for a one-off deposit and the cash with all its functions is certainly worth it.

Commission Council Program

In short, The comparatively small commission rate discourages a lot of individuals from entering various affiliate programs.

For example, the commission for Amazon affiliates ranges from 1% to 10% but the usual rate is 4%.

Their commission rates begin at 8.5% and increase to 10%.

AliExpress also provides an additional fee of around 6 percent from time to time for new users.

Method of payment 

One of the factors that can be viewed as a downside to AliExpress is that they pay only through international wire transfers and the Minimum cancellation amount if the processing fee is $16 or $15.

Source: China checkup

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