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How to use Ahrefs – Beginner’s Guide Part 1

Let’s discover how to use Ahrefs by Learn about AHREFS Dashboard like their domain rating and backlink in this article you will find all that and we will completely be explaining in the next articles.

how to use Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a leading SEO toolkit provider and information service.

This is one of the tools of online marketing.

Their aim is to help businesses invest their money in an intelligent SEO strategy, and maximize your website traffic


With their instruments, in automating your marketing practices Ahref offers a way to save time for your company.

If you know how Ahrefs can be used, these tools can support everything from backlinks to the monitoring of keywords to domain ranking.

This article tells you about Ahrefs ‘ advantages, and how to improve the rank of your website search engine with their tool suite, and enhance your website’s traffic.

How to use Ahrefs

Learn about AHREFS Dashboard

The Ahrefs Dashboard is basically your Ahrefs dashboard.
When signed in, you will see your unique site list, all of which have the same metrics, such as this:


In order to understand the quality proposal of using Ahrefs quickly, you will particularly want to pay attention to the following data.



The Ahrefs Domain Rating or DR rating is an assessment of your sector based on the number of other domains.

Moz coined the term Domain Authority, or AD, prior to Ahrefs ‘ creation to give you a metric to interpret the power of the domain as in the Google search algorithm.

Why is Domain Rating important?

When Google sees a large number of other domains connected to your website, this means that you are a trustworthy website for certain keywords or key phrases on your website.

Which ensures that your website addresses questions people looking for on Google.

On this basis, Google will improve the search results on your page so as to provide the users with better user experience.



The metric looks simple from Ahrefs, but it does have an array of inside information for your backlink profile to improve and your competitors ‘ research.

Why are BACKLINKS important?

BACKLINKS is the way you are connected to by another domain via the link.

If another page explicitly connects to your site, a backlink is named.
Backlinks do-follow and no-follow.

Follow backlinks to other websites, links that allow Google to search bots to directly track your website when you crawl.

No-follow links are links from a different site to your site which guide your users to your website but avoid that Google Bots will monitor your website’s link.

One of the easiest ways to build your own backlink set is to look at competitors ‘ backlinks.

The new / loss backlinks from Ahrefs record new links to the website from other websites automatically or broken links.

Additionally, you can use this tool to see your competitors ‘ backlinks and have a better idea who to contact.

The best part is that every 15 minutes the Ahrefs Backlink Index is updated, making one of the fastest tools available to monitor and earn backlinks.

Ahrefs also offers a warning service “mention” to warn you about your product on another website.

Do it for yourself and follow up on your contest.

Learn from your Competition

Here’s a fast sidebar:

You can learn a lot about your competitors and see just where the backlinks of using Ahrefs are coming from.

Nor should you add a rival to your dashboard.

You can use web explorer to release an incredibly quality rabbit trail on any site.

To be able to look behind on the website of your rival is an essential element of their ‘ interest.

You don’t have to recruit someone to spy on your rivals or to gaze at their website for hours.

In Ahrefs it’s all right: their keywords, and their domains and backlinks.
You may adopt their strategy to support your own performance.

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