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madness face of digital currencies Bankruptcy, manipulation and off arrows

The news of the standard digital currencies rises and the wide-ranging gains made at short intervals are the most captured by world news headlines.

But there’s another aspect of digital currencies currencies not promising for investors with significant losses that sometimes amount to bankruptcy.

digital currencies
digital currencies

Stop trading shares due to Bitcoin one of digital currencies 

Crypto is one of the evidence of the impact of the digital currencies on a wider range than its mere trades, where the Securities and Exchange Authority commented the American trading Company shares in the financial technology industry from the 19th December session to January 3 after it jumped its value by about 2775%.

The huge share of the company, which was announced on Dec. 4, is the start of the first phase of trading operations and digital currency platforms.

The US stock market authority said that there are questions about possible manipulation of the company’s shares during November 2017.

The price of shares “Crypto” 575 dollars when trading stopped, having had a record $20 at the end of trading last November.

Bankruptcy Platform for digital currencies

The story of “YAPIAN”, which owns the “Youbit” platform in South Korea, is one of the signs of a failure in the vast “Bitcoin” gains, which went bankrupt after being exposed to the second electronic penetration in less than eight months.

Causing hack 17% loss in digital currencies, customer reported possible withdrawal of 75% of assets held until completion of the bankruptcy process.

As for the first breakthrough for the “Youbit” occurred in April, but the company has time to improve the means of protection and security for system maintenance.

Possible manipulation

Coinbase platform has announced that it will open an investigation into whether there is internal information that has been used to significantly increase the currency of “Bitcoin cash” before a formal announcement to be included in the currencies that circulate through the platform.

The digital currencies platform “Coinbase” had begun to include the coin of the “Bitcoin cash” through its booth after it was limited to the Bitcoin and Ethereum.

However, the third largest digital currencies in terms of market value saw strong gains for the highest level ever before the official announcement of the move, which triggered speculation about internal manipulation by staff at the podium.

It caused a sharp decline in the value of Bitcoin from “dropping by about 13% and lost about 2.5 thousand in 24 hours.

The Litecoin developer is selling his share

The developer of Litecoin currency announced that he had sold his share in the currency that had jumped to 7,500% in the current year, in an effort to avoid conflicts of interest.

Charlie Lee said that when he tweets at any time on the social media site Twitter on digital currency either in the affirmative or negative, it is suspected that he did this for personal interests.

No details are known about the possession of “Lee” digital currencies or the quantity he sold, but he stressed that he would be dedicated to the development of digital currencies.

Company shares record gains with digital currency support

In an emerging American company called “LongFin”, its share rose by about 2600% in a week, as soon as it announced its purchase of the BlockChen platform, which implements all its dealings in digital currencies.

The company’s shares jumped from 13 to 18 December of $5.75 to $142.8 level, via 1.16 billion dollars in market value.

LongFin bought  platform “”, a platform that enables small worlds of lenders offer solutions, dealing only with digital currencies.

the unknown Founder of Bitcoin in the wealthy list 

The Bitcoin founder’s fortune jumped into the richest 50 people around the world where it reached 50 billion dollars.

The founder of Bitcoin, which has a virtual name over the Internet, “Satoshi Nakamoto”, has a capacity of 980, 000 Bitcoin, according to the estimates of the trading platforms.

As a result, its net wealth is estimated at $19.4 billion, if calculated at a rate of $18.9 thousand for the one Bitcoin.

The founder of Bitcoin was ranked 44th with the Forbes list of the world’s wealthy.

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