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How to Keep Your team members Connected When Working Remotely


team members Connected When Working Remotely…As more and more of us have had to adapt to a new way of working over the past year,
many business owners have also found that the switch to working remotely has inevitably led to disconnection and gaps in communication between employees and team members.

However, it is possible to maintain a strong, communicative relationship,
even when you are not all in the same office together. Read on for some suggestions on what to do.

Use tools to help share information quickly and easily

While email and phone calls might be the most obvious ways to reach out to a colleague,
it can be hard to keep track of it all when every single form of interaction comes in this form.

Eventually, you may even find yourself swamped in hundreds of unread emails and risk missing out on important information or deadlines as a result.

However, there are a number of useful tools and platforms that have gained prominence recently,

which are designed to help groups of people share information quickly and easily. Depending on what you need, these can help you manage and oversee tasks,

monitor progress, and keep tabs on what may need to be changed as you go. To make sure that your systems are set up optimally to make use of these, it is worth getting advice from Kortek Solutions first.


Host regular virtual team meetings


When we cannot all get into an office or boardroom together to exchange information and ideas, it can be easy to feel a little isolated and detached from the rest of the team.

Virtual meetings are a great alternative to this,
and the use of video calling technology means that it is easier than ever for people to get involved with group meetings, wherever they are.


To ensure they go smoothly, it is worth planning a fixed time and date in advance and giving appropriate notice to everyone involved.

This ensures that people have time to make arrangements as needed,
from finding a quiet room to join in the call or simply making sure that they will be undisturbed for its duration.

Team Connected When Working Remotely

Have frequent non-work gatherings online


Alongside video calls and meetings for teams, it is also a good idea to have frequent,
shorter virtual calls or exchanges as a way to encourage more social communication.

It is easy to forget how much casual interaction takes place in a typical workplace,
from enjoying a coffee together to having a quick chat over someone’s desk.

The absence of these small but meaningful exchanges means that we risk losing the more human moments of working with others and miss out on learning more about each other.


You may want to schedule regular one-to-one conversations with individual team members to find out about their progress and any concerns they have.

You can also encourage more social activities together,
such as online games, quizzes, or simply enjoying a coffee and conversation with each other.

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