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4 Tips for Remote Teams That Foster Great Communication Practices

The COVID-19 pandemic was good for one thing: it revealed that more people would rather work from home or work remotely than in an office.
That said, there are some things that remote teams need to keep in mind. This is so remote communication can be the most effective communication it can be.
Without further ado, here are four tips for remote communication strategies for your team.

1. Prioritize Checking In

There can be no effective communication remotely if team members feel they can’t be honest with one another or with their leadership. This is where checking in becomes important.

By stressing checking in with how people are feeling, you carve out time for fellow employees to speak about how they are feeling or what is going on in their life if they’re comfortable enough to share.
This will not only encourage more empathy for your team but also more cohesion in working projects.

2. Balance Real-Time Communication with Remote Communication

What does this mean? Well, let’s take “remote communication” as being asynchronous: it doesn’t happen in the moment or in real-time. For this, you can use emails more often than not instead of waiting for someone to respond to you in the Slack channel.
Then, you can use real-time communication such as a phone call or a video call. As refuge marketing consulting can confirm, Google Hangouts can be essential for your business.

3. Create Spaces to Speak About Non-Work Things

If you are using Slack or another similar application, you can create a channel where employees can discuss non-work things.
This allows employees to socialize with one another despite the fact they are not in the office. Instead of standing around in the break room, they can trade books or TV show recommendations for their non-working hours.
Giving employees a space to do this may help inspire them to be more productive, not less. They will know their time is valued and respected then.

4. Make Working Processes Clear by Documenting Them

If the office is used to working in an actual office, working as a remote team may feel strange. Even though the world is nearly a year and a half into the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you can check in with your employees. This is to make sure they still understand what processes to follow.
When it comes to remote communication and work, having team communication that reminds people about the expectations when working remotely serves as a good reminder.
Document these processes so that any employee can access that information at any time. It will also help onboard new hires when the time comes.
Follow These 4 Tips for Remote Teams
These four tips for remote teams will help solidify your team communication when the office is, well, remote. By keeping an effective communication line open for feedback, you may find the office culture becomes much healthier when people can work from wherever they want.
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