PPC Strategies To Use That May Improve Your Business ROI

PPC strategies are beneficial for businesses because they help brands generate more traffic and have more exposure to market their products/services. Compared to traditional marketing methods, PPC marketing gives your business more visibility online, which rapidly improves your brand awareness. 

An effective PPC strategy helps you generate 50% more leads than traditional advertising methods. Average PPC marketing strategies will give you an ROI of $1 for every $2 spent. If you wish to change these figures and make your plan even more effective, then follow these tips.

Ensure you advertise on multiple social media platforms

Most businesses concentrate their PPC marketing campaign on Google Ads, which is innovative because it is the largest and most popular search engine. Using Google Ads can help your brand reach a wider audience because Google is used by millions of users, including your target audience.

However, it doesn’t mean you should only limit your online advertising to Google ads. Your target market also hangs out on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Facebook, for example, is usually the go-to site for most businesses because it also has millions of users and will generate leads, and sales and even boost your brand awareness.

Conduct thorough research on the other social media platforms, check whether they align with your PPC strategy and goals, and then leverage their use.

Launch a remarketing campaign

Remarketing is a marketing strategy where your market your business to people who have already interacted with your business before. You will find the data that will enable you to narrow down your remarketing campaign to time, device, target audience, and more.

Using the remarketing strategy can take your business marketing campaign to a whole new level. If you had a prospect visiting your page, they are 70% more likely to purchase your product or service instead of a competitor’s if you target them with a remarketing campaign. Such odds are what make remarketing an amazing PPC strategy.

Once you have built an audience, you can perform your remarketing strategy on Google Ads. You can check on Google analytics your target audience and then launch your strategy.

Create mobile-first landing pages

Nowadays more people are using their mobile phones to browse the internet. Research shows that more than 50% of ad clicks stem from mobile users, more than 40% of mobile users use their phones to pay for online transactions, and more than 40% of the entire world’s internet traffic originates from mobile phone devices. 

However, most businesses forget about user experience when they launch their PPC strategy, which impacts their results. While your ad may work well and be displayed on mobile phones, you find that your website doesn’t give a good user experience when customers are redirected there.

Your landing page should be fast, relevant, and functional. These are the features or factors you should ensure your landing page provides. Doing so will increase your business ROI because of client satisfaction.

Try using ad extensions.

If you have been using PPC strategies or other online advertising techniques, ad extensions are not new to your business. However, with new improvements and upgrades to Google ads, you may miss a few upgrades. So ensure you are checking to see if your Google ads extensions are up to date.

A few ad extensions on Google ads are:

Price extensions – provides users with extra details about your products or services, options, and prices. Updating price extension is not complex; this will increase user convenience when shopping for products or services. They are especially essential for eCommerce stores.

Call extensions – ensure you include your contact details on the call extension. Your phone number will make it easy for your customers to contact your business when they need to. If users are browsing your site on their cell phones, they can call you instantly using the call extension. Call extensions work great for businesses that usually provide emergency services like heating and cooling repairs.

Message extensions – message extensions allow users on your site to instantly send text messages to your business. They enable you to receive messages and even reply to messages from a designated mobile number or email address. This extension is great if your business is in the travel or hospitality niche.

Set an advertising budget, you can work with

Most businesses set unrealistic marketing budgets for their online marketing campaigns. While you can select any amount from the marketing campaign setting a too-low budget will not produce any results.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that you should set an expensive budget too. You need to set a budget after researching what an average PPC ad would cost you. After that then you set the budget you can work with.

Experiment with your ads

You can set up a PPC ad, launch it and let it do its thing. However, this approach has a higher likelihood of failure.  Experts from Elk HQ recommend against doing this. They say that you should constantly monitor your ad’s performance every week, and they stress A/B testing your ads.

Google ads also recommend businesses experiment with ads to know what works best for them. You will find in Google ads that you can create experiments that work by completing three hours of testing with different message ads.

The data you collect from the experiments will allow you to tailor your PPC strategy to the results. At least you won’t be doing trial and error. You will know exactly what your audience likes and the kind of ads they gravitate towards. This helps boost your conversion rate and sales.

With these strategies, you can use them to reevaluate and improve your PPC ad strategy.  From using different social media platforms to advertise, creating a great mobile user experience, and experimenting with different ad messages. You can revolutionize your entire PPC ad campaign. If you feel overwhelmed and can’t do all these alone, it’s ok to hire professionals who can help you with your PPC strategy.




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