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How to Start Working With Influencers: Hacks for Businesses

How to Start Working With Influencers: Hacks for Businesse


Let’s remember the basic principles by which a person or group can be called influencers:

  • Extensive audience. Bloggers or celebrities create and publish quality content on various Internet platforms. The material is interesting to users, they like the publications, subscribe to the channel. In this way Influencers attract the audience.
  • Influence on subscribers. A large number of followers isn’t enough to become an opinion leader. Loyalty and involvement of people who are ready to listen to the blogger and follow him is important.
  • Fans dream of having a thing that their idol possesses. Consequently, mentioning or promoting a brand, encourages people to buy that product.
  • Opinion leaders already have an established target audience. Cooperation with top bloggers opens access to their subscribers, increasing the opportunities to promote their products or services.

Types of Influencers

50% of success will ensure the right selection of an opinion leader. It’s important that the proposed topic is interesting to him. Let the person share the ideology of the project or touch it in his activity. Otherwise, the Influencer won’t be able to properly present the information, hook the audience, which will not cause confidence of subscribers. This is fraught not only with a lack of results, but will have a negative impact on the reputation of the blogger and the advertised product.


It’s also necessary to consider the level of Influencer by the number of followers:

  • Macro Influencers. As a rule, these are famous people and popular bloggers. Advertising with them is prestigious, but it’s difficult to get attention, mostly they respond to exclusive offers.
  • Middle-influencers. People with an average level of popularity, but sufficient weight among the audience.
  • Micro influencers. A group of bloggers has a small number of subscribers (up to 10 thousand).
  • There is also a class of nano-influencers: profiles with a small audience: no more than 1000 followers. Usually these are familiar people, active and engaged subscribers, but they do not give significant coverage.
  • Micro- and nano-influencer blogs are more suitable for business startups to collaborate with. They have a loyal and active audience and a friendly atmosphere. Subscribers have a positive attitude towards advertising.

How to Choose an Opinion Leader

When selecting opinion leaders you should select the best, those who can influence your Internet users. What criteria should you focus on:

  • Target audience. After identifying potential buyers, it’s advisable to draw up an average portrait of the customer, so as to organize appropriate advertising based on their needs.
  • Type of Influencer. Beginning businessmen should not waste time and money on finding contact with media accounts. It’s hard to get results here before the brand is popular enough. Micro influencers and more modest players will be suitable for starting out.
  • It’s necessary to check the reputation of the opinion leader for subscriber engagement and the absence of tampering. The analysis can be done manually or with the help of services

Where to Look for Influencers

Forming their target audience, Influencers look for followers on different Internet platforms: communities, podcasts, social networks, forums. To find your top opinion leaders, use:

  • Curated lists. A list of popular presenters has already been compiled, and some of them have filters as versatile as Just type in a search engine query: “top bloggers” and specify the hashtags of your niche.
  • Marketplaces or blogger exchanges. Platforms provide a database and statistics of Influencers. You’ll have to pay for more information.
  • Conferences and virtual summits. Opinion leaders often speak at various events. It’s easy to find them on the site by lists of speakers or photos.
  • Search engines and social media. Using targeted queries and keywords will help you find popular users in your field.

How to Prepare for a Meeting

You don’t have to spend money to buy advertising from top bloggers. There is a real opportunity to reach a wide audience and promote your brand with the help of influencers for free. For influencer marketing to be effective, it’s important to build the right relationship with an opinion leader. Make cooperation interesting and profitable for him.


What options are there for building a relationship and increasing its value?

  • An excuse for correspondence. From the first lines of the message, the person should understand that you’ve researched their content, speeches and subject matter. It’s a good idea to show your interest in the topic, offer unique ideas, and reveal new facets of it.
  • Win-win strategy. Many brands, when contacting famous bloggers, don’t think about their benefit, consider only their interest. This is wrong. Without mutually beneficial terms of cooperation, it’s unlikely to happen. For example, Influencers with a large audience always need new content. If you offer original ideas or ready-made material, the person will like this type of interaction.
  • Interest in the content. Constant activity in the account will draw attention. This can be a subscription to the newsletter, watching videos, and comments. You can write a review about the material you like, and give practical additions.
  • Become useful. For example, offering services in the preparation of the project or meeting the right person. You can interview the Influencer and post it on your page.
  • Mutually beneficial partnership. Collaborative content creation, online meetings, presentations, guest videos – take communication to a higher level.


Before offering cooperation, you need to make yourself known in the blogger’s profile, and show genuine interest in his activities.

How to Write to a Blogger

There is no single sample of a letter that will interest the opinion leader. But certain points should be emphasized when composing a message:

  • Address by name. It’s important to write it correctly. First, it’s politeness. Secondly, the message becomes more personal.
  • A catchy headline. The subject should arouse interest and carry the main meaning of the message.
  • Rejection of mass mailings. When writing messages, you should refuse stamps, and proceed from the interests of the addressee.


To compose the right message, study the audience and the content of the potential partner’s profile.


Don’t offer a blogger something that knowingly does not correspond to the mission and value that the opinion leader broadcasts on his channels.

Where to Find Contacts of Opinion Leaders?

To write to an opinion leader, you need to find out his or her contacts. Where to find them?

  • In the profile menu.
  • On Google.
  • Social networks.


Most often bloggers on instagram write to Direct (that is, in personal messages).


Before sending out messages, verify emails. Outdated lists can damage the reputation of the sender, and blocking for spam is not excluded.

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